All Because My Ex Best Friend Is Such A Pest!!

may be you'll get it ..maybe you won't...
still i gotta tell my story to some one ..right?

this is a bit weird..but it really happened..

it was some days before our final papers..we were finally going out of high school..!!
So naturally every one was really working hard for good grades to get into some good college...i was too but half -heartedly..
My best friend..hez a guy...(my friends are always guys..i must admit they are much more fun to hang out with)...and i had not been going to school for some days we decided..may be we schould go.. hang around for a day..
And like fates conspired..the next day there were just three of us from our class.. me, my best friend and the my ex-best friend who ruined everything by telling me he had feelings for me...people thought we were dating..even..but we were not.. now i realise what a dork he is..for god's sake he tried to slip an arm around my waist infront of everyone..i mean that is disgusting!!

Ok so he and my bestie...they kindda started gossiping about something.. giggling and i wasn't even there.. i asked him...wat was up.. he looked at my bestie and then told.."u know hez been keeping secrets from you.. aint you pal??" "come on .. tell her..shez your best friend..she needs to know.."
i asked him "really? secrets? like what?"...that question was something that changed everything...
My ex piped up "last night after the game he got high and confessed infront of everyone that he fell in love...with you..and that he loves you to bits.. i promised him i won't tell you..but that is what ruined our friendship..right?" he grinned a conspirator kind of grin...
i was shell the good kind of way..i was trying to mask my feelings for him...and i was doing a really poor he had feelings for was like ..WOW!!
but then my guy got pissed..he nearly slapped my ex and went to sit on the last bench...i tried to talk to him ..but he told me to go away...when i nagged at him for some more time..he kindda glared at me and shot out " I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU...EVER AGAIN..DO YOU GET THAT??"
my ex was standing there with a satisfied smile on his face..i felt like punching him on the face...i didn't know what to do...and then the dam broke..all the feelings..i was hiding..came pouring out...
i went up to my best friend...sat next to him..with tears streaming down my face..i said "listen to me..just this once..just listen to me dammit...don't stop talking ..don't do this to me.. not are too important...all this time..all this time..god!.. why can't i say it??man... I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU ..SO MUCH..stupid ..can't you see that? are you that blind??..on.." i took his hand in mine and i kissed him...i kissed him hard...i did the thing i didn't ever imagine myself doing...i kissed my best friend..infront of the guy who stalked me..on the last day of school...

Between tears and smiles...he whispered the magic words.."i love you too..idiot...more than you ever can.." oh! how i hold on to that moment!!

You should have seen the look on my ex's face...he deserved it...that ******

though we confessed our feelings..we are still the best friends we were..i mean that's rare..ain't it? between the dorky best friends stuff..we still find time to have what we call 'lil silly talks of love'...

i can't believe how lucky i am!!

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thats awesome