How We Met

I met him last year in French class our teacher was gone for a while and we had a sub so she assigned a project that we had to do on France and the daffy it was due me and him forgot but we were still strangers at this he was playing with his tongue piercing I was bored when he turn to me and asked me if I did my project and I said no and he like good I'm not the only inner and we bother smile then we starred to talk more and we had a little drama because of his ex but everything is ok now and we're going to date soon he bought me a jacket and ring for xmas and tomorrow is my bday and he's going to give me another present x3 I gave him some shoes for xmas he loved them x3 we are really happy together
I've told him that I was molested he's the only person I have told and we've made out and I let him figure me and I left two hickeys on him x3
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1 Response Dec 30, 2012

i also fell in love with my bestfriend