Best Friends... Is There Something Between You And Me?

I met my "best friend" when we were still young, about 8 or 9. We both live on the same street, our parents are good friends and our Dads play the same sport and happens to be team mates. When we were introduced with each other, there isn't much that we shared since we were kids. Time passed we went to different schools and met again when we were in high school and became classmates. I never expected that he'd look so handsome and cute and I was the boyish type. From then on, we became close friends. We shared so many things... We share our shoes, shorts, t-shirts, cassette tapes, food, money, even pillows and blankets. We stole our fathers car and drove around the town and we were only 15 years old at that time. Those memories lasted for 5 years. We were the best of friends. When I was heartbroken, he'd listen to my cries and when he's sad, I would comfort him until he smiles. Until one night, we went out for a couple of drinks then headed home. While on our way, he place his arms on my shoulder and slowly working its way on my back to my spine. I felt something was not right and said "I am not one of those cheap girls who is giving in to you!" then he took his arms away and was sorry. We were 20 years old at that time, young and sinful.

After 5 years, we found ourselves into a relationship... but not with each other. My world turned. From him to my boyfriend. I was madly in-love with my boyfriend and I've taken him for granted. He soon told me he was also falling for one of my close friends which at the time I didn't mind and even brought them together. Our friendship was like a wrecked boat at that time, it was starting to sink and no one is willing to save it. 2 years after, he got married and I was happy for him but sometimes I've given it a thought, what might have been if we both tried to work what we had but I was not ready to lose our friendship over love.

4 years ago, we met again. I am single after my 8 year relationship with my ex boyfriend. He is still married but not living with his wife anymore. He's having some divorce issue. And for the past 4 years that we've been together again as the best of friends, we both have so much respect for each other. We time traveled back to where we left years ago, but now more matured. We now talk about life, our future. And I would catch him looking at me, I would hear him say good things about me in front of many people. He would proudly say " I am her man ", " I am her moms son.." and " I am her dads favorite!"... Eventhough we are now on our 30's we can still sleep on the same room alone without any sex involve.

He is my soulmate. He is my man. He is my bestfriend and He is the only person I would want to see the moment I wake up even if his hair turned to white, face is saggy and smells like a log. Then I wonder if he has the same feelings for me too?
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I really think you should say something or do something to let him know how you feel. You don't want another "what if" in your mind. You have been given another chance! Go for it, and let me know how it goes!!

Will do that.. Thanks!