My Best Friend Is The Only Girl I Want In My Life.

I have known this girl ever since the 7th grade when I moved to a new school. I didn't become great friends with her until freshman year of high school where when I got to know more than just her beautiful smile and gorgeous looks I instantly fell in love with her. Nothing has changed since except that she is my best friend and I would do anything for her. I think she knows deep down that I love her more than a friend and honestly I think she has feelings for me too. Over the past year or so I have been trying to build the courage to just tell her how I feel and be completely honest with all of my feelings and all I want to tell her is that she is the most beautiful girl in the world to me and that if I had her I would be there to make her feel special everyday. I have been her shoulder to cry on and the one she comes to or calls to comeover at 2am to spend the night to keep her company after her boyfriend betrays her trust and love by talking to other girls. I have always been there and always will be but I am just scared that if I do admit to her that I want her in my arms everyday loving her and kissing her that she will not feel the same way and that she will act different around me and our friendship will be ruined :/ On the other hand I think if I tell her then mabye she will feel the same. We are now Sophomores in college and I still feel the same way for her and I think I will until I know she doesn't feel the same for me and I can move on but its really bothering me that if I pass up the opportunity to tell her how I feel that mabye the woman I truly love and is my best friend will end up never knowing. What should I do?
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Jan 15, 2013