I Still Love Him Soo Much

I still love my friend. He was one's in love with me before , but I broke his heart I think. But I still want him to forgive me and be with me again. But I I can' t . What must I do? Because we had a fight and he doesn't talk to me anymore. He may still hate me. What must I do?
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Oke, thanks, I shall try it... hopefully he'll forgive me

Yeah.. I hope so .. if I were you, mmm I would write a letter, a really nice letter...just saying. Good Luck !!!! (:

How did you broke his heart ? It depends on what you did to him, idk if he will forgive you but now if you really love tell him! try to talk to him, send him a note saying "sorry" &
you want this work ... (: