My Bestfriend Boyfriend :)

Everybody's love story is special to them, so is ours. Well to start about, i'm not a girly girl. I play soccer, im very sporty and I mix around with a lot of boys who sees me like one of em. I was very close to my cousin's soccer team guys and we hanged out often. Thats how I knew him. Although I mix around with a lot of guys I know my limits. I had many guys mixing around with me with intensions, due to my open minded thinking but he was different. He was so genuine. At first we didn't feel anything. We were just friends who hang out a lot. Our click always hangs out at his place. I begun to become close to him. We share everything. Everything single thought and feeling genuinely. When I go to his house I felt like I was home. I love his family, they are very welcoming.

We go to many places. We hold hands and we never found it fishy or awkward. We were best friends. But, a girl and a guy can never be so close without feeling anything more.

We fight with each other, play with each other, make fun of each other, share so many beautiful moments together. It was that night which brought us to the next level. He was holding me by my waist. We were waiting for the last bus to arrive. When it came, he went to take e bus, I pulled him, closer to me, kissed his cheeks and then our lips meet. It felt like both of us were waiting for that kiss, we knew it coming. His lips felt small and I liked it. I was like "I love his lips". And we talked about it after that, we both agreed we saw it coming.

After that we talked about what our relationship was then. The word "boyfriend" was a taboo word to me. I didn't like to be seen as someone's girlfriend, my ego made me think such. So after few days, we talked about it again and he said I was his girlfriend. Let me say that again, he said, he didn't ask. I too agreed then I was his boyfriend. The taboo word than became happiness to me.

The girl who was so afraid of telling everybody she had a boyfriend went around telling the whole world she was in love finally! At first our friends didn't believe and thought that we were pulling their leg cause I and him were that close. But soon they all knew.

I was afraid out friendship might get affected at first. But we believed that we were always bestfriend first and then boyfriend-girlfriend.

I could tell him everything so can he. We always talk things out. He could always tell me everything so can I. And I could be anything I wanna be. He is my everything. I love him so much. I learn a lot from him and he is always there for me.

I believe understanding, giving and taking, letting go of your ego, trusting your partner, and above all talking things out honestly is very important. Many are not able to do that due to ego, to see who is more superior. But to us, we are lucky cause we are bestfriends and we can let go of all this and be ourself.

So far, we have had problems, what's a relationship without any? But we deal with it together. I am lucky to have my bestfriend as my boyfriend. I love him and it's only gonna be him.
Maya08 Maya08
Jan 22, 2013