I Think I Love Him (:

HI! :D I have a friend. Let's just call him...Spongebob. :)

So, me and Spongebob were friends for about two years now. But this past year, I feel that him and me just have a lot more fun and we connected a lot more lately and blahblahblah! :)

But lately, i've been thinking about him ALL the time. Like in 'that' way. lol! I've flirted a little bit to see his reaction, and he totally flirted back. We would always high-five when we saw each other, it was our thing that we did for fun, lately when we would high-five, instead of a quick high-five, it would last for 4-5 seconds and he would hold my hand like he was holding my hand!

I sit near him on the bus, just one seat over so we talk everyday on the way home. These last couple of days when i'm looking at the back of the bus, or talking to my friend, I feel like i'm being starred at. When I felt like I was being watched I would quickly turn around to see if he was and every time, he was. He's been like touching my hair asking what conditioner I use, or joking with me saying, "Did you shower today?" Everytime it's a different reason! xD He's been touching my hand a lot to now that I think about it, lol!

But it's in class too! He sits in the front and I sit in the back in one of my classes and whenever i glance at him, he's always looking at me but when he catches my eye he quickly looks down at his paper like nothing happened.

So if anyone wants to comment what you think I should do, Do It! :D Should I flirt with him more? I really like him :) Thanks for reading!!
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how cute! I so miss those wonderful days of my life..


I think i love my best friend too ♥ :) :D

there is a diffirence between friendship and love !!
and beleive me there is no such thing as best friends between sexes and GOD SAID THAT IN BOTH BIBLE AND QURAAN because any realationship between a boy and a girl can end up in two way : first they become **** bodies or they love each other from that which you call friendship then the become **** bodies .

Sorry for bad language

Yes Girl I think you are fall in Love with him.. If you truly Love Him tell him because he don't wait forever.

flirt!.. you still have the chance :l

lol spongebob :D and you should tell him since he already MUST like you > yay good luck!!!

Ask him if he likes you that way when he least expects it, so then you get an honest answer .

also i should add that a girl who isn't "friendzoning" is pretty awesome. so well done.

just ask him, why are words so hard to come by. plus your a girl and he already likes you, trust me, guys are easy to catch.

omg i said "your" instead of you're... i think i should kill myself now. (it's the grammar nazi in me.)

lucky sponge bob ^_^

if u like someone,,do what ur heart says,,life is short,,dont waste it in thinking :)

for me. i did but it doesn't work. well it depends...

sounds like you guys would be a good couple (:

Thanks :D

Try a little more flirting. It's always fun to do that. Drop subtle hints, and let it gradually get more obvious, just don't make it so it's almost like you're screaming "I like you!". If one of you ever "breaks" or whatever you wanna call it, you two will happen. Lol that's how I was with my best friend (now boyfriend). Don't worry, if you really like him, and he likes you back, it'll happen when the time's right.

Thanks a lot!! :D

No prob