I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

The funny thing is, he was my best friend's crush. She liked him from the first day of seventh grade, and her plan was for me to get close to him (as I am better at that sort of thing) so that SHE could get closer to him. I thought he was pretty cute, but I didn't really know him. Plus, my best friend liked him so I felt like that would be wrong.
He ended up being my best friend. We hung out all the time, talked about everything, and were super comfortable with each other. I started to fall in love with him.
I started to notice the little things - like his full, amazing eyelashes, his beautiful blue eyes that looked so much mine, his perfect face. He was funny, kind, happy, caring, sympathetic, and cool. He had a few crushes, and though it broke my heart, I helped him through everything. He broke up with his girlfriend (one of my best friends) and I was there for him. We often get asked if we're dating, sometimes if we're related, and once that we would make really good looking kids. (...)
We're still best friends. But I hope that someday we can be more than that.
livvyjane livvyjane
Feb 8, 2013