I Fell In Love With A Good Friend

I fell in love with my best friend who I worked along side for 3yrs while in the navy. At first she thought of me as just a friend as did I. But after a while of getting to know each other and talking to each other everyday attractions came in full force. We started off just going out to the spanish clubs dancing salsa and bachata then it came to us chilling on the couch watching movies and smooching. Then all the sudden one night attractions came on strong and we had sex. We did the boyfriend and girlfriend thing for a year and a half but I eventually got transfer overseas to work which hindered our relationship and we split. Even though we are not together we talk still and my feelings for her have not changed at all. I still love her dearly and hope we get back together one day.
Jojo1987 Jojo1987
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

i hope to.