My Ruver and My Best Friend

well lets see.  I met "larry" because he was dating a girl i worked with's twin sister....confusing.  well they ended up getting married and i started dating his best friend at the time so we hung out all the time. we never did anything bad and we never realized the feelings, i mean i thought he was hot, but i didnt persue it.  long story short they got a divorce and larry started dating one of my friends, so again, we were hanging out all the time.  one night, a week before halloween, we went to a party all together and me and larry got waaaayyyy drunk and ended up kissing. we pulled away and looked at eachother and smiled cuz it was so strange lol but then we kept on doing it. i ended up staying the night with him and i figured the feelings would go away once we sobered up but they didnt! i realized that i loved him. full out loved him.  we hid it for a while, but then we told the world and i couldn't have been happier.  now we're married and we have the most beautiful baby girl in the world and i still feel just as in love if not ten times more.  my ruver and my best friend.

luvableredhead2003 luvableredhead2003
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3 Responses Dec 29, 2008

Now that's spooky cute. Like Monster High, creepy cute. How sweet.


how happens in so many ways. I am fascinated.