Ciny, a Lover....a Friend...a Sister

watching as the shadows dance across your face,
movements so mesmerizing it's as if my thoughts
leave my heart without a trace

staring deep into those dark brown eyes
swimming in the pools of mysteries as the winds of healing blow me forward into the horizon
being blinded by his light within your soul,
i'm melted into majesty as two become one flesh,
matrimonial bliss as we seal it with a kiss
from health up to sickness
even after death

i take a deep breath inhaling the memories of our times together
relishing the emotions we played on each other's heart
like just the right notes for just the right song
as the birds of times now past sing bittersweetly along

i look back with no regrets just a bucket full of wonderments
and a mile long list of what if's...but this
is not the end just the beginning
a door to a new realm of our friendship
as we stay close despite the destroying distances
trying to keep us from each other's lives
i just want you to know
i forgive you for evey circumstance and the pain that's forever apart of who i am whenever i try to dance.
i love you still no more than a friend
but the place you have within my heart will never go up for rent.

til the end
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2 Responses Aug 30, 2007

Wow! How I wish I could have a note like this cross my digital..