I Wanted to Tell U

i try to tell you
but you dont see.
i saw the glint in your eye
unpredictable and unexpected!
the way you asked me what is it
made me want to tell you the truth
but you'd hate me for it
it would be awkward for us both
as the friendship would feel obligated
the darkness sank in, when i looked at your eyes which were the truth
i missed your presence,
your essence
but you dont care.
im the last thing on your mind,
i know im not worth it
a scary and filthy risk
unworthy, lowly and unimaginable.
our friendship kills me as i look at you
the reason being mine alone
that glint and smirk in your eyes intrigues me,
the way you asked what you asked hurt more than anything.
to think that you think that way of me
made me realize how much we differ and im stupid.
i cant express the way i am,
im sorry if i ever caused any hurt or confusion
im sorry i am the way i am
im sorry for my vey existence
im sorry for the anger youve seen
im sorry for everything.
jaded5sapphire jaded5sapphire
18-21, F
8 Responses Sep 10, 2007


very deep and beautiful

Beautiful words! I have felt like that at time's, but I love this.. its deep, beautifully written and sooo true! :) x

Very well written. Interested in knowing how long ago this came to you and possibly to whom you are directing your beautiful words.

i feel the same way i

beautiful *hug*

Thats one hell of a poem..<br />
I can see certain aspects of were this is coming from.

Confession they say is good for the soul. But from what I see there the one that is directed to is a loser for turning from someone that feels things as deeply as ye feel them. Blessings tae ye.

A loser as in they lost something or opportunity of? Or do you propose you know the subject of the confession? Just curious...