I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

Me and this girl have been best friends for about 3 years now. I can even remember the exact day I started to like her. It was at our freshman year homecoming dance, and she looked absolutely beautiful in the dress she wore and her hair curled perfectly. But of course, looks isn't what drew me in. We both had so much fun together, and we never let anything bring us down. Sure, rumors spread around school as to what exactly was happening between us, but we didn't care. It was just me and her and thats all that mattered to us. Now, at the time, I figured she deserved to know that her best friend liked her. ( I didn't think she liked me back) and it was killing me to tell her. So one night, I finally told her I had feelings for her. Her response absolutely killed me. She replied with "I've dated best friends before, and it just never works out, sorry." I didn't know what to do. I had feelings for this girl that I had never had before with anybody else. I just knew that she is exactly what I needed in my life. But regardless, I let it pass and just lived my life. Then, a month or so later, she gave me the exact words "I think I'm in love with you." I kind of chuckled, thinking she was joking. She said she was dead serious and I was speechless. I thought to myself that now there really was hope. I could finally have that relationship that I've always wanted. However, from that point, she and I both were terrified that if we went out, we would break up and it would ruin the friendship we had. So, we waited 3 more months. Finally, we came to an agreement that we thought it was time to just try it. From that point on, she loved me like nobody ever had before. It was simply the greatest feeling anybody could ever have. My only wish in my life before then was that I wanted to be loved by someone, and she gave me that. We have now dated for over a year and I can honestly say that it has by far been the most spectacular year of my life, and my only regrets are not dating her sooner. My best days of my life have been spent with her, and I am the luckiest guy on the face of the earth to have a girl as wonderful as her. I know she probably won't ever read this, but if she is, thank you sweetheart, for being my best friend through everything I've gone through.

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I'm in love with my best friend... He said he doesnt date his friends and he also only liked me as a friend. I accepted that and went on still loving him but pushed it to the back of my mind. I found out from another friends a month ago that he did return the feeling but when i asked him about it, he said he didnt anymore and when he did, he didnt mention it because he didnt want to ruin the friendship

Thank you I have also fallen in love with my best friend her name is bere and I don't know if I should tell her because she really doesn't want to lose me cuz she's never had a friend like me so ideally don't know what to do

I was reading the story and just was numb till the end, I was thinking "Will it all end by break up?! It can't be true!" And what a relief it was to read that you are still together, I am happy that you are happy =)

naka-=relate aq , i'm in love with my best friend (she doesn't know she's my best friend) and she knows that i do. the good thing is, MU kami :) fair enough, anything will do, i just love her that much..

You. Are among the luckiest of guys.. I fell in love with my bestfriend once... I'm lucky to still have her as a friend..

you are lucky man . . . . .point till rumors at school and dying to tell her. . . true here too buddy . . . but it dint work out for me as it did for you . . nt tht she dint want to .. . but she just couldnt . . . things people say, tht telling her mite ruin friendship is totally true . . . nt fully, but yes, i did lose her . .:(

i wish i had a bestfriend to fall in love with... :(

wow...i love it!!! Treasure every second!!

Hi. Why should anyone think that love does not go along with friendship? Friendship is the main constituent of lasting " not lusting" love, I am sure your big heart will hold them both, and enjoy a love life richer than the one portrayed in a song of the sixties "And that was the end of a beautiful friendship, and the beginning of love"

You are soooooooooo lucky. Dont take what u have for granted!<br />
I wish all the best!

Love is indeed the best of friendships.<br />
May it last till infinite ends.