i recently told my best friend of more than 10yrs,that i love him and always have.he told me that he loved me 2,and always had.we both had never told eachother 4 fear of ruining our friendship.were still best friends.i know he is my soulmate!its a funny world sometimes!

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Life is funny idnit? . The way we are sometimes makes a perfect Jerry's kid out of me. Special indeed are beat friends. Who else will hold the camera for my next stupid stunt?!?! I love my bestfriend and if they offered insurance in case of accidental over flow, I would risk take even more.

what an awesome comment....cheers.... :D

you seem super cool so im happy for you =)

thankyou...... :D


not likely,we have an understanding.our friendship comes 1st.we dont need to be a couple 2 be in love with eachother.were happy being best friends for now. that happen to be in love with eachother.its a magic thing.

always take a chance, cant live with what if's, wonder and regrets. good for you