My Wish Came True

This is from my perspective telling my now boyfriend for 6 months what I remember from when we were young. (I was too lazy to rewrite it heh heh...)

    I got to thinking about way back when last night. How I hated moving. How I so wanted friends and how I was forever trying to get a chance to hang out with Katie. But the only time Ally wasn't around was when she was with you or Jerry. And when they were together, well...that was the closest thing you could get to a "relationship" in elementary school. And was like O.O cooties! *hiss* So I was left with the choices of giving up on Katie, or hanging out with you. And you made me so mad!!! I was "the smart one" at my old school. But you could do the times tables so much faster than me. At first we had this bitter rivalry, until Katie finally got sick of it and was like, "Hey guys, you're both really smart. Why don't you join forces and take over the world together or something." I guess we liked that idea. I think at first it was kind of an uneasy truce, but we did eventually become friends.
    I remember in 6th grade, we were together a lot and I sat by you every day at lunch. To the point that people started asking if we were going out. I didn't like that though. I thought you were really cool but I did NOT want a boyfriend. I was afraid of catching some infectious disease or something. I don't know. I've just always been a little wiry of getting close to people, even before...all of those bad things happened. I guess it just kinda built up over the years until you found me again. Let me see that some people are worth trusting.
    Anyway, that was around the time when we started having trouble with Korey. I swear he had short-man syndrome. He use to pick on me ALL the time. But so did most boys, so I just kinda got use to it. Thought it was because I wasn't pretty enough, or because I liked to read books instead of gossip, or homework instead of sports, or because I wasn't popular. Now I have a little perspective and can see what was going on. If I only knew then what I know now, lol. Well anyway, he started picking on you a lot too. He would do something really mean and then tell me about it and make me think it was my fault. I remember the day he made you cry. That was when I decided that SOMETHING needed to change. But it didn't matter what I said, or what I did, it only made it worse. And I thought he was picking on you because you were friends with me. So I decided it would be better for at least one of us to not get picked on. I told you I didn't think we should sit together at lunch anymore. It made me sad. I didn't see you very often anymore. But Korey stopped then, at least as far as I could tell, so I figured it was worth it.
    Eventually though our friendship fell apart. There was one point in 7th grade, I hadn't seen you in almost two months. And then I heard some kids in my math class saying you had moved. I was so sad. You hadn't even said goodbye. I just figured it was because you forgot about me. It wasn't until a couple years later when me and Katie got to talking about "the good old days" (yeah we used to talk about you. sometimes Jerry would come visit in the summer and I use to wish that some how some day me and you could see each other again.) that I found out you hadn't said goodbye to her either. I didn't feel so bad about it after that because at that point I was under the impression that Katie was the coolest person EVER. So if you hadn't said goodbye to her, you must have had a good reason not to. Now I know it was just because you hated to say goodbye.
    And then, one day, end of February of senior year, I get this friend request on facebook saying, "I don't know if you remember me, but I think we were friends in middle school." I was like, "What is that???? We were best friends and he doesn't think I'd remember him?" I think I sent you an annoying reply saying something about how ridiculous that was. And I just couldn't believe that it was really you.

After that we started talking on line all the time. I was not looking for a boyfriend at that point, and really, didn't trust any guy because I've been through a lot of crap sense I was 16. But it turns out, it's really hard to push away someone who already knows you really well. And it's even harder when you realize that they actually care about you as a person as apposed to your body. When you find out that he's willing to turn down all the other girls around asking him to the dance because he doesn't want anyone else who is not you, even if you are 1300 miles away. When he visits for the entire summer (his aunt lives right down the road from my parents) and doesn't once push you any farther than you want to go. When you see that some people actually are worth trusting.

We are going to different colleges now and it is hard being so far away, but he is worth it.

I still just can't believe that he found me. That we're together again. That my wish came true.

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wow thats quite a love story! never let it go, some people would give up everything just for that