I Hate To Hear About Her!


I was one of those few people in school who never spoke to guys. This was of course until I met my (now) best friend! He was so accepting from the start and always gave me worthy advice. However we had to change schools after 7 months but I liked to speak to him in class and wanted to talk to him after class too.

We exchanged numbers(after a really long while) and started talking! Hardest part was over or so, I thought! The year ended but we kept in touch. We would call at midnight and talk till two in the morning. :) We started sharing our experiences and eventually developed a super mature, close and secure friendship. One of the things we had in common was that we both had decided that we didn't want to date, as dating in high school is damaging (personal view).

As we grew closer I started telling him about the people I liked etc. and he told me about his crushes.  Then one day he told me about his girlfriend that he started seeing 2 weeks prior our conversation! I couldn't believe it!!He just wasn't the type so I told him to stop kidding! He said that he didn't tell me this earlier as we didn't speak (yeah, we do this often, don't talk for a week).  It felt weird at first but later, I realized that I was simply jealous!

As time passed on, I saw a new side of his existence, his sweet romantic side. One day while we were talking he told me that he would speak to me in ten minutes time and I just casually asked, 'why?'. He said that he had to wish his gf good night and talk her to sleep! Jeeves. I was nauseated with mush and jealousy.

Some time later, when his parents were out of town, I helped him cook ,cause he sucked at it. It was sooo much fun! We both had an awesome time together and he confessed that I was THE ONLY PERSON HE COULD RELATE TO SO WELL, call late in the night(he doesn't talk to his gf after midnight :)) and share things he couldn't with others. By this time, I too had grown very fond of him but couldn't tell him. Though I did tell him this that I was blessed to have such an awesome advice giver as a very close friend!

I just love to talk to him and I like him in the very non-sexual kind of way. However, I find it so hard to tell him this. I didn't tell him and he still is going out with her. Btw, he even organized a surprise b'day party for her lately! Aargh! So now I am stuck in this situation and don't know what to do?I hate to hear about what he did for her. I even told him this that having a new person in this scene could cost us our bonding but he re assured me saying that he wouldn't ever let that happen.

I am very confused by all of this. Sometimes it seems that he likes me too and sometimes it seems that he is just one of my closest friends. In fact, now that I have lost weight, I liked to see the expression on his face! He was amazed and wanted to say it but didn't. I know he did! I just don't know but I hate not being her!!! Anyway I am trying to come out of this dilemma. I'll keep you posted.

Btw next year is college so we won't even be in the same city any more!! Sucks!


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I think it's the best , to fall in love with your best friend .. <br />
I think it doesn't happen that often though ! ..<br />
but when you have it in your hand , I don't think it's something you can just let go of ..I think it's something you need to hold on to , and try your best at .. <br />
I am really hoping to fall in love someday with someone , who is my best friend.. I think there's no way outta this but to tell him .. or at least try to find out where he's at , without asking him directly .. if it will happen ,, I think you'll be so lucky ..:) .. and I wish you the best with it :) <br />