Can't Decide

This seems kind of strange, but what the heck, i'll try it. 

I've been friends with this guy for over  a year now, and we really clicked. I'm one of his best friends, and he's one of mine. We tell eachother pretty much everything and he's so important to me. But I also really, really like him. He's the kind of guy who probably won't tell a girl he likes them unless they're really obvious about it or if someone else tells him that she likes him. Also a lot of people tell him that they like him. I don't want anything to ever ruin our friendship, so I'm scared of telling him. I want him in my life and if that means by being just friends then I'll be happy with that. People make fun of us all the time, that we should be going out etc. Also people spread rumors that I liked him, which I told him were false. Someone told me that if he liked me he would have done something, and that I should tell him just to get over it. However I'm really scared and don't know how to handle the situation.

Sbilly296 Sbilly296
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010