What To Do

I have been best friends with him for about two and a half years now. I had dated him three days after we metand that lasted about a week. (he is one of those guys that goes through girls fast) so after the akwardness went away we began a new path as best friends. And that when the rel stuff started to happen. After about a year I relized that i was in love with him. I've never been so close to someone in my life. And if was the same for him I was the girl that was closest to him and I still am. He isn't afraid to admit that he's doesn't want to ever lose me as a best friend...

I am at a loss with what to do from here. Because yes I had some rocky periods where I tried so desperetly not to be in love with him, in fear of losing him if I ever told him. And that is the last thing I want. I have also aquired an immunity to the pain of him dating slot of girls in short periods of time. And we both are at a stage now thlotslot of people at our school think we belong together. But he doesn't want that and says to other people that I am like a sister to him. But it's the way we look at eachother. And I pray sometimes that maybe he would relize one day that I could make him so happy. That I know him better than anyone and I would never hurt him.

Whatever happens I always want him to be my beat friend. I do t want to ever lose him like that. I just need some help.
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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Get on with your life and have faith. If you can find it read my love story. I can not remember what the name of the story I wrote it to. If you can not find it and you want to read it let me know. I am trying to share my life experience because in my 70 years I have gained a lot of wisdom.<br />