My Favorite Crush

Ok heres the thing..


It all started about 3 years ago.I was really good friends with this guy who lived just down the road for like 13 years.He started dating a girl who lived on the same road.Within a month i became really good friends with her.About a month into the friendship,I found myself dreaming of being with her,and constantly thinking about her.Whenever she came around my heart would start pounding like crazy.I tried so hard to hide my feelings around her and him,but it got to a point where i couldnt.I wanted so badly to kiss her or tell her how i felt..Then one day my family and I had to move cuz we couldnt make the house payments anymore.I had not even got to talk to her for a year after that.One day I logged on to a community site she had shown me,and I had a message from her giving her phone number.So I txt her,and I was so happy that I hadnt lost her forever.She told me about how she has met another guy and got married.Even though it hurt,I was happy for her.About a month ago,we got to talking about the past.She surprised me when she told me,"ya know,I've had a huge crush on you ever since the day I met you,I loved you even before I knew you.Something in me tells me youre the one I'm supposed to be with."So now all my feelings are resurfacing..She also told me,"If the time was right,I would leave this guy in an instant to be with you" and,"be patient sweetheart,someday I will be yours,i promise.i belong to you,I always have.It's always been you."So I go to hang out with her at her house,and she kisses me...the feeling i got when she kissed me was so addicting,Ive never felt that way before.I'm trying so hard to be patient like she wants me to...but it hurts sometimes.She also has a little baby girl.The weird thing is,she hates guys,but is somehow always happy when I'm around.She even called me daddy,even though she never even calls her real dad that.

I know He doesn't love least not like I do...he cares more about playing games,than spending time with her or the baby.

I can tell she isn't happy with him...even when she tries to hide it.she said knowing Ive felt the same way all this time makes her feel happy for once in her life.


Am I doing the wrong thing by wanting to be with her?

maybe I've just gone crazy...

xwaitingx xwaitingx
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

Ocean is right.. I am "The Other Woman' for 3 years tomorrow... Everyone enjoys the best of both worlds.. who wouldn't? Especially when one is willing to wait..and hope..and still give the unconditional love ... Life is great only when you wake up and realise.... You can't love a person who can't promise you a future together.