He's My Everything

Hey everyone ! I'm just 13 and I know the moment you hear that I'm 13 you're gonna close this but trust me I may just be 13 but I know what it is like to be in love . I'm truly madly deeply in love with my cousin . He's my everything . I used to be very close with him when we were little kids . I used to go to his house and play . I'm an Asian so I cant kiss or have any physical relationship with him . But I did kissed him on the cheeks when we were little . Now I'm 13 and he's 16 . We're both staying in the same state . After I was 6 , I completely forgot that he even existed . That must be dumb rite ? But anyway when I was 11 , I noticed him for the first time and I started having feelings for him . Just feelings but I didn't fall in love with him just yet . I kept on thinking about him and no one else . And I was SO shy to talk to him . I mean I had butterflies in my stomach , my hands we sweating . Even just looking at him , I was nervous . But I had all these dreams of me and him being happily ever after . But I was too afraid and shy to approach him . When I was 12 , I saw him again at a family gathering . And it was also my birthday on that very same day . I don't know why but whenever I looked at him I would catch him looking at me too . And that made me go nuts . And then we would both blush . I kinda had a gut feeling that he was feeling the same way I did . And I loved his heart - melting smile . Even talking bout it right now I'm going nuts . Anyway back to the story . So we all had an awesome time at the gathering . He only said hi to me . But that was more than enough for me . After that , we were all going to go back and he called my name I turned and looked into his beautiful eyes and his heart-melting smile he reached out his hand and wished me happy birthday . Not even one word could come out of my mouth . I was jammed ! But Thank God my cousin saved me and she said thank you on my behalf . The nest day was an Indian festival and we all gathered again (btw I'm an Indian) . I was in my granny's house and waiting for him to come with the whole gang . And suddenly I heard a car honking outside I looked outside and it was no other than my sweetheart . GOD he looked handsome !!! And at that time I was putting henna on my hand so if he wished me it would be difficult to wish him back . And when he entered the house he came right away to wish me and again he held out his hand . At first I thought he's nuts to reach out his hand cause he knew that I was putting henna . All I could say is thank you . And now its 2010 . Then it was night . He was there the whole day and as usual both of us will just gaze into each other's eyes . Btw it was also his dad's birthday on that very day . After bathing , I realized that he was missing in the house . And I found out that he went to but a cake for his dad . And when he came back , I had this weird feeling in my stomach again . Then he slowly walked to the kitchen cause his dad was there . And he surprised his dad . He knelt to the floor and wished his dad happy birthday . He was holding the cake and wishing him . Right at that moment I completely feel in love with him . I felt like passing out but miraculously I didn't . We all had an awesome night that day . Months passed . I somehow got his hand phone number and started texting him . We became really close . We were like best buddies ! Then one night I couldn't take it anymore . I called him and told him the way I feel . And he just said I love you too . I was really really happy . I was on cloud 9 ! We were not in a relationship . We were in a unofficial relationship . And in May we had a family gathering . I was seeing him after months and he knows the way I feel . The gathering was in a hall . The adults were inside and the teens were hanging out outside . So finally me and my other girl cousins arrived there . And there he was . Standing outside of the hall with his phone . All the adults that just arrived went in . And the moment I saw him I couldn't control myself and I faced mt fears . I straight went and hugged him . It was a long and amazing hug . We didn't kiss or anything . But it was a beautiful moment . We had loads of fun that night .  I will never forget that night .  Then it was time to go back home and I knew that I wasn't going to see him for a very long time more . So before we all went back he took me to the corner and he told me something which crushed me . He told me that his parents , my parents and my grandparents know about us . I got the shock of my life when I heard this . And his phone was taken away by his dad . He said he promised his parents that he will not be in a relationship till he is 18 . But he said he will wait for me till I'm 18 too . So here I am . I'm just a 13 year old girl which didn't want all of this to happen . I didn'wanna fall in love at 13 what else falling in love with my own cousin (btw we are second cousins) .I mean whenever I see him I have this very unexplainable feeling .  I miss him to bits now . I don't know if I can wait for 5 years for him . I know if I really love him I can but I don't know whats wrong with me . He's my everything . And I know I'm just 13 but he's my husband . I want that to happen ! I want to spend the rest of my life with him . Loving him is just a wonderful way to spend a lifetime . His mum and my mum talked on the phone that day about us . I really don't know if I have the guts to see his parents again . I hope you guys understand the way I feel . This is my complicated love story . I will never and have never loved anyone this much . I hope I can be with I'm in the future . I really really hope time will fly . Cant wait to be 18 . Guys please comment on this . Tell me what you think I should do . Please & Thank you
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Well I'm gonna be honest 1st thing 1st who are we to say Love has a age limit Its more of How mature you are...and I must say you two seem mature since you guys just didn't make out like most teens do! You didn't fall for him physical but for him the person he is....If you love him you would wait...But then you are young and have your whole life ahead of you....Live life and well when 18 comes even when you're 16 or 17 start thinking about what you want to do....Thats the best advice I personally can give you at this moment...I do hope the best for you and your cousin....