Why Does He Keep Coming Back For More?

Okay so we've been together in the past, we were together for a year and three months and then he broke up with me because he was scared our family would find out. However, ever since then before he gets in a relationship, during, and after.. he comes back to me. Like if he's in a relationship with a girl. & when he goes to my house he'll hug me for no reason or want to be as close to me as possible, but i don't understand why?

We have sex but like (i know this sounds stupid) but i try to be boring in bed so that he'll eventually get bored and stop coming back, because it hurts when we have sex and go back to being just "cousins" . However he always comes back for more, even if i'm boring..and when we have sex he's very passionate about it..

Is he using me? Or is he trying to find a way to feel close to me?
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I'm not trying to be harsh, but that's your cousin!? Maybe it's not working out because you should find someone who will treat you with respect and truly love you for you that isn't your cousin. That us an extremely unhealthy relationship. Not just because he is your cousin but because he is messing with your head.

You decide whether you Trust him or not !!!
That's it !!

i think he truely loves you other why woud be so passionate like say with you i think heart is speaking louder then head is and he fear seem to go away when he's with you. have tryed to ask about all this other wise not shere what he's doing.

So I should just ask him directly why does he do that all the time?

yes that would the wise thing to do.

He's using you and he wants to feel close to you. He needs to get his **** together and you deserve better.

you think he's using her hu that could very well be but it sound more to me anyway that he dosn't know what he want but your right he dos need get it together and fegger it out.

Thanks, I've been rejecting any move he does towards me lately. But i miss having him so close to me.. i'm thinking with my heart rather than my head and idk what to do.. :/

you and him are going just have to have a long heart to heart and figger it out hhhmmm.