I'm in love with my bestfriend, and he's my cousin.

I fell in love with my first cousin, he's my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without him. Our dads are half brothers, and my mom changed my last name when my parents split up so me and my cousin don't have the same last name so it kinda makes it easier.
We shared our feelings for each other when I was having a really hard time with my ex boyfriend. We were broken up then. I was so confused and scared. He was so mean to me and would ignore me and call me every name like a b itch, wh ore, sl ut, dumbass. he only wanted me when he wanted me. We were together for two years and got back together after that little break up, I crushed my cousin when I did that. I felt awful. He was all I could think about when me and my boyfriend got back together. But he messed up again, and I was done for good. My cousin was there for me, he loved me and showed me how a real man is supposed to treat a girl. I've never been happier. I just hate having to hide the relationship, I want to show off what a wonderful person I have. When we made love it was beautiful and I've never felt this way before. I feel like it made us closer then we ever were before. We do plan to come out to our families someday, we're scared. It's worth it though. Neither of us have been so happy.
We can play around and wrestle an joke with each other, we can fight and make up the next minute like it was nothing. We can lay in bed and talk for hours. he knows everything about me. I'm in love with him, and our family could never change the way I feel about him.
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I feel exactly the same way. We have come out to the immediate people in our lives and it has been difficult. But i wouldn't change who i love for anything

Best of luck & hope u guys spend the rest of your lives together. I know how you feel, going through same thing & hoping to spend my life with my cousin

Thank you so much. :)
Best of luck to you and your cousin as well, and I hope you spend forever together to. :)

Comin out to your families is the worst thing u can do . What if you guys break up ? You will lose him nd Ur family .

Not coming out to our families would be the worst thing. We'd be living a secret life and I don't want that. I wouldn't lose him, we could never truly lose each other. That's my best friend, and the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. I'm not going to hide someone so amazing forever. If I lose some of my family, then so be it. I'm not losing my happiness.

i couldn't agree more with you ilikecats69.

Thank you. :)

anytime :)

What if ?

Then it'll happen, I'm not going to let fear control me. I'm not going to worry about something that's most likely not going to happen. I'm going to think about now, and now I'm happy and I'm going to think about my future with him.

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good for you keep following your heart it's wrouth every hardship and don't worry sbout you family god will protact you both never give up.

Thank you so much. :)
It feels nice having support.

you bet anytime just call i help ypu if i can.

Same goes to you. :)

ok. :)

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