Regretting The Day I Fell In Love With My Cousin .

( sorry if i make grammar or spelling mistakes .English is not my first language )

Last summer i traveled to my homeland with my relatives and thats when i started having feelings for my cousin .one night me and my cousin were watching tv in the living room alone while everybody was asleep . we laughed ,joked and talked for hours until we fell asleep after that.. we went upstairs to our bedroom (we were in the same room but with different beds .i shared my bed with her brother and she shared hers with her sister ) and she said to me come sleep with us here on this bed and im thinking she wants to have sex with me and i said ok after a few minutes i started kissing her and she freaked out and said to me you're going to regret this and i said ok nd continued kissing her .the next day i felt ashamed looking at her so i we talked about it and she told me you will regret this in the future and i told i didnt care so we continued our affair ..we went behind our families backs for months . our final day came came to an end in our homeland .we went back to to Dubai and after a week my cousin and her family went back to Germany .

P.S -when i asked her why she asked me to sleep with her she said i was thinking of you as my brother .

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Hahahhaha thats funny!!! Everyone has made a silly mistake like that! No frets!

oh tayla what? are you doing in my neck of the woods

Oh uh hi.... Heh heh heh funny story ummm.... Wht are u doin here?


it's ok you did know what she ment miss understandings happin from time to time you have no reason to be ashamed of your feelings it perfectly fine