Whats going on with me and my cousin isnt your normal typical story. Up to me being 17 I didnt no he existed, my dad and his mom are brother and sister but they dont get on and haven't spoken since I was around 4, were both the youngest in our families so we didnt really no what had happened between them. One day I got a facebook message from him saying he thought we were related, I ran downstairs and told my mom and she confirmed he was my cousin, we talked alot and I met him for the first time when he picked me up from college in his car and I instantly felt attracted to him even though I knew it was wrong, and things just escalated from there. He started seeing a girl around the same time we first started talking, and after she met me she accused us both of sleeping together behind her back, we hadnt atall we were just spending time together getting to no eachother, the accusations really got to him to the point where he left our city to live somewhere else but he always kept in contact with me. One night he came back for new years eve and we both had had alot to drink and ended up kissing at midnight, and then he went back home. He got in contact with me last year to say he was living near by with a girl and that he had got her pregnant, initially I was happy for him, and she was born a 10 weeks ago, I recently went to visit him and it was really intense, we also went out in his car like we used to all them years before. I dont want to break a family up but he keeps telling me he loves me and that he'll be there for me no matter how far away he is and that he cares about me alot and wants to look after me, I just dont no what to do, we didnt grow up together like normal cousins do, and ive tried to ignore my feelings ive had boyfriends but it just didnt work, I really am in love with him :(
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why so sad he really loves you and you love isn't wrong it's perfectly right you god never forbbided it it's his design ask hime for guidents he'll show the way follow your heart and be happy.