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I am madly deeply in love my cousin. We make each other so happy. The only thing is......I don't know how the family will take to the idea of us being together. What do I do????
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I just realized I posted on a veryyy old post! ha ha! Sorry about that, and congratulations!

I know exactly how you feel...if your family is the only thing keeping the two of you apart, I say please do not let that stop you. You cannot help who you love. It is your life, your decision. My cousin found an interesting article on this subject... I wish you the absolute best and hope that you follow your heart.<br />
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I too have feelings for my cousin but i don't know whether he have the same feelings as me, but if he did, i'd follow my heart... I'd leave everything just to be with him....<br />
Another wishful thinking...

im in the same problem.... but i say just follow ur heart. if u really love each other, go for it. just be strong together and be happy with him

I am in the exact same situation btw. I don't want to dissappoint my family but I don't want to give up someone I love so much.

if you guys are under age u should keep it to your selfs for now if u guys are not then who cares wat they say its your heart you can choose who to love not them for you

it doesnt matter just go with your heart if he makes you happy dont let anything bring you down it hasnt to me that im in the same situation