Inherited Love?

I met my second cousin a few years ago and I loved him from the moment we met. Our story is kind of complicated due to many facts. First, we live in different countries, so we see each other once or twice a year. Second, he is 3 years younger than me. Right now he looks about my age or even a bit older than me, so there's no big difference, but when we met he was still underage. Third, he is very popular in his country because he is kind of a "public figure" and there are many girls chasing him. And last, we found out something quite odd: my mother and his father were in love when they were young (just like us) and since they were direct cousins, their parents were against their romance and they were forced to break up.

We tried to have a serious relationship two years ago, but distance and his job made it nearly impossible. Therefore, we decided to end our relationship in a friendly way. I had another relationship after that and I'm pretty sure he is seeing other girls ever since. However, I often find myself thinking about him and there are certain periods in which we kind of go back to the old times (we talk daily and he acts as romantic as he used to do when we were still together).  We both have tried to see each other as relatives and just that, but we always end up showing our strong feelings.

Right now I'm with another guy and my cousin knows it. He said it was ok and even wished me luck. At first, he told me he was happy to know that I actually found someone who could share with me certain things he couldn't. Now he doesn't talk to me anymore. I know he wouldn't stop speaking to me for no reason. I am aware that he is trying to fight his feelings, because he said he didn't want to interfere with my relationship. As for my new boyfriend, I really like him and he made me very happy for the first weeks, but I don't think our relationship is completely satisfying. At the moment we are undergoing some problems because he has been moving to different cities in the past few months. Our relationship has been unstable, so I have my doubts; I don't know if this is going to work. Besides, I miss my cousin so badly.

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Thank you so much and I hope things work out well for you and your cousin. Yesterday I talked to my cousin again because my boyfriend will move to Canada in a few months and I doubt I'll ever see him again, so I expect I can (at least) get back in touch with my cousin because I really miss him.

Aww! I can really relate to this. Long distance relationship ship between a cousin. I am in it! The only thing that keeps me doubting is if he only wants me to become a eruopean citizen. <br />
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I wish you the best of luck to find what you are looking for! L'amore.