I Truly Deeply Love Him!!

I'm 22yrs old with a 2yr old son {divorce} Well for the first time I met my cousin {3rd} who is 44yrs old with 3 kids {22yr old son, 18yr old daughter, 7yr old son} I never once in my life met him or his family before. But on this special day November 14, 2009 We met and there was such a strong connection! We didn't even know we where cousins! I went to a car show selling raffle tickets and he called me over to buy some and we were just there and I was getting nervous so I just started to sing the oldies that were playin and tryin to convince him and his members to buy tickets. As I turn to leave my Tio walked up sayin oh i see you met your cousins. I was shocked and disappointed! I couldn't keep my eyes off him the whole day I would walk around just looking at him. He's so handsome!!! Well as I was leaving and Iwent  to tell him Bye and he asked for my number so we switched numbers and from there on out we started texting...talking on the phone...hanging out...The more we got to know each other the more I was falling for him. I don't seem him as a cousin I see him as a man A man I have been praying for my whole life! We flirted with each other as time went on....held hands {which It felt like my first time touching a man! I had butterflied like no tomorrow!} Then We had our first kiss...His kisses has so much love and care in them! and His touch when he holds me I feel so safe! I crave for his touch! Hes so firm but soft!! Now we hang out all the time!! Every chance we get we're together! But here the sad part....We haven't told our families...Well Some of his family knows already well at least has an idea....and my sisters & brother knows but not my parents. They have an idea as well and said it's wrong for cousins to be together...But i don't understand why? Nothing in the bible says it's wrong! I strongly believe God sent Him to me! I was heading down hill with my whole divorce and everything and he came and gave me strength...he brought back hope joy love in my life again! He Loves me for me! He protects me he cares for my son as if he was his own! I am proud to say I LOVE MY COUSIN and I don't care what people think!! But then yet I'm so scared to tell my parents about us....We're planning to move out soon...we plan to spend our lives together! We're not going to stop seeing each other! We're both adults and know what we want in life...No one can stop us! the only worst thing they can do is just talk all their crap but Theres a saying "It's when they stop talking about you is when you start to worry!"

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cousing-cousin (typo)

In some cultures its sort of manditory to marry your cousin. I have mixed feeling about the topic. I've been molested by my cousin when i was little for years. But I also have 2 older cousing who had a love marriage and they have the cutest baby in the world. He's my favorite. He's so soft and sweet. He likes to crawl and rub his head on yours. He smiles easily and is so tiny. He's the reason i changed my mind. Two of my cousins who are in love gave birth to a beautiful baby. I support you.

You really have encourage to face difficulties in your life. Now you find your true love among millions of people, so you are lucky. Love is more beautiful than LV handbags, so you get God's blessing!!<br />