Does My Friend Like Me?

i doubt whether my friend, johny likes me or not. he stayed near to my house. while we are playing together , he will always happy to be in the same group with me. he never talks rude to me even if is angry . if he is talking to others and if i were around him,he will alwys stare to me. he always praise me. he taks more with me. whenever he wants to say something while we are playing , he willl not ask or say to any other except me. he will ask me if i love someone very oftenly, ......what should i answer? i love him.
everyone is related. his friends is my friend and my friend is his.
one day one his friend and i had a chat in the class. lets call him mr.C.
me :hey, c dont jump , if any teacher saw u you wont be good.
c ; u stop giggling then i will stop
me :i am not, i am talking something important.
c : oh , i see talking about boyfriendddd.
me :shut up, i dont have any boyfriend
c : i will tell johny that u were giggling and talking about other boys.
i was surprised and i stop talking.some of my friends also says that he like me( but they seem to be joking).
his cousin sister was my team mate and we are representing our school. one day after a match, she and i had a talk. at first i did not know that she is his cousin .we have a long walk outside the stadium. talking. at first we were talking about the match but sometimes later she started talking about johny. i stare at her a moment and reply her, "how do you know him". she told me that she is his cousin. and suddenly she ask me whether i like him . i said, no we are just friends.
(no one knows that i like him, i kept it as a secret).
once in the school sports, my friend told me " that guy in the green shirt is looking at you and making a gesture of sadness because u did not hitthe target". he is johny.
i told her that he is my close friend. and my friend told me that he is after me.
this new year i text him this way,
johny : do u love someone.
me : yes.
johny : who?
me : i love you
johny : reply nothing
me : do u love me. or is it that u have a lover.
johny : i dont have a lover bt i love someone.
me : who?
johny: i wont tell you
me : why?
johny : i dont know
me : okay
johny: gud night!

naobi naobi
18-21, F
Oct 23, 2011