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What To Do.. Nobody Knows.

So, I am now in the awkward position of finding the will power to leave my school (I'm in year 11), leave my teacher who I am hopelessly in love with, and move to a grammar school.. or I could just take the easy option, and stay at my current school, being depressed about someone who, without even realizing it, cheers me up just by looking at me. Oh dear, the joys of being a teenager today eh?!
LastSacrifice LastSacrifice 16-17, F 1 Response Mar 22, 2012

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I know how you feel :'( I have to decide whether or not I want to leave for my senior year because I don't want to leave my teacher, yet at the same time some stuff has been going down at school that makes me want to leave.

I decided to leave, I figured my feelings for him will probably never change but at the same time, nothing can come of it, while I'm still a student at least, so there's not point putting my future in jepordy by settling for a second best school :)

Did I really say that? I'm now sat here in my free period at my new school, doing French work thinking about him and how much I wish he was here!