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The Future Could Be Bright, Yet Slightly Unhealthy..

Ok, so about 5 days a go, I found out that my form tutor teaches, well tutors, the extended project A level which I am going to take next year, which means at least 1 hour a day, timetabled in with him. however, this could be the most unhealthy thing I can possibly think of. He has a girlfriend who is always making him smile, and I am sure I'm, just an annoying little girl in his form through his eyes. Unlike most of you girls on here who actually have a reason not to move on from your teacher because he gives you extra attention or little signs of his affection, I have nothing. It's just me and my stupid little crush, well I wouldn't say my heart been full of love for him is a crush. I can't explain how he makes me feel, but I'm pretty sure I can explain how he feels about me in a few words: Proud, because I get good grades which makes him look good. STORY OF MY LIFE GUYS!
LastSacrifice LastSacrifice 16-17, F Mar 31, 2012

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