I Love Him.

The first time I set my eyes on my teacher I thought of him as just another teacher, nothing special. Actually I was quite afraid of him. He was the tallest person I had ever seen in my life 6ft 7in is tall!  He was muscular and I thought of him as the Hulk. I left my combo in my locker and he specifically told us not to leave it in there. So I had to go ask him and I was so scared I thought he was going to punch me! Well nope he was nice about it. At the end of that day I went home and never had a thought in my mind that he would be the one.
The second day of school the day I fell in love with him. I got to know him much better. We have so much in common like it's not even funny. We both like Avengers, Rocky Balboa, have the same personality, have a strong interest in history, etc. I just thought this was a crush but its been 9 months and well I love him to death. I told my friends and they said he was very attractive. I thought so as well but most girls in my school only look at looks. But hes got it all. I have found so much more about him and I think he might have an interest in me to. He always talks to me not just about history, but cool things that are out of school convos. He let's me sit in his chair and if anyone else does he will give them a detention. He lets me clean his room, run errands, pass out stuff, etc. Whenever we are talking he always looks me in the eyes and I do too. He has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen in my life. When he changed seats he sat me right next to his desk, and I absolutely love it. We have little side convos during class to which it always fun. He is the person that I can trust like nobody else. Some of my friends even say he trusts me a lot. He also apparently loves to pick on me, like joke around and get me all hyped up. Like yesterday he was going around telling everyone how many points we have for this project and when he came to me he said -name- you have zero and walked away. I always believe everything he says so I was acting surprised and like how do I have zero. So he turned around and said I'm kidding -name- and laughed. Than he wondered why I always believe him and I said well ehh, he added you care about me. I said well umm yes I do more than you can imagine. He said I knew it! I just love everything about this man and this will never change. I would trade anything for him. But, goota question for you guys. Well umm I am graduating 8th grade this year and after this I will not see him as much maybe like one a week if I am lucky. I want to tell him but uhh Im not sure if he will believe me any suggestions?? Thanks!
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I think that you should keep him as a friend - There isn't anything that either of you can do for several years at least. Ask him to stay in contact, to help you through your transition to high school. You're going to need a friend to turn to when times get rough, but right now his place is not as a romantic interest. I say this with an honest perspective as I have fallen in love with my own mentor. My situation is quite different than yours, as I am several years older and my love was an instructor on a course I took, but I hope that this tid-bit of advice will help. I did not approach my instructor as a romantic interest at first, we became friends and our relationship developed from there.<br />
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The reason I say you should wait is that you need to think of how the information would affect him. There is nothing he can do which could be to either of your benefits. He would be jeopardising his teaching career if he acted in your favour, and would crush your feelings for him if he didn't. Try being his friend first, see how your interactions change once the classroom dynamic is removed. Once you have graduated high school, then approach him with your romantic interest if you still feel the same way. Any person you love should be your friend first. Good Luck!