Deep Emotions

Yup, I once again saw him and my heart swooned deeply into the core of my chest as his eyes stared at me.

Sometimes I wonder if something's wrong with me, Or it's just a bit of a normal thing for a twelve year old to feel, But I am still confused, Yeah. I am not the only one...

But this teacher isn't a PROPER Teacher, He is the acting deputy.

And all the girls are creeped out about him, But I am not?

Here is what I felt:

I couple of days ago the acting Deputy entered my classroom, (I was in form, Down here we call it 'form') and I suddenly felt a strange feeling within my stomach, It felt like... Butterflies?

That's not the only thing,

Whenever he walks by I get the SAME feeling,But it is larger,He says hello to me wheneer he walks by, He has a smile that brightens the day, But I noticed he doesn't smile like the way he does to the other girls...

I've also noticed he often appeared in my lessons, Like today in Drama he came in and chatted with Mr.Jones and then walked over to my group and started chatting with us, He then stared at me for awhile and walked out.

He is also startign to make excuses to bump into me at breaks and when I am going on a message or to get something for my lessons teacher. He always seems to appear everywhere I go, He even followed me once.


I actually LOVE him more then anything, And I am afraid to confess?

Is it just a normal emotional state for a twelve year old girl like me?
TheKatester TheKatester
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012