This Is It, The Day I've Waited 4 Years For.

My school had our graduation ceremony for those who graduated in June, today. It was delayed because our principal passed away last November (when the ceremony usually is) and they didn't want to interfere with christmas or finals. So anyways. At it ceremony if students won awards, the head teacher of that department gave the award and the students diploma. I got an entrepreneur
ship award, and guess who the head is, just the teacher I've loved since I was 14. When I went to get my diploma you kinda awkwardly stand there shaking hands and holding the diploma while people are taking pictures. He leaned in and whispered 'this is a special diploma.' I though he meant because I graduated. Was I wrong. Got back to my seat and opened my diploma, inside a small piece of green paper which no one else had. I looked at it, and it read 'I've been waiting for this day. Following with a phone number and address, then Meet me here at 3:30. ". I'm Just about to leave now, and thought I would share with you guys. Ill update tomorrow.
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What happened then?

Sorry, don't come on here much anymore. Just got the notification in my email, anyways. My parents weren't too thrilled with it, but I moved in with him. There better now since they've had time to think about it. I'm going to university about 3 hours away so I'm only really there on weekends but he visits me all the time at school. We're pretty much just like any other couple now, so things can work out if you wait till the right (and legal) time. :)

Update :) EP Link

what happened????? :D

Let us know what happened :)