How Could I Not Love Him?

It's complicated. I didn't plan to fall in love with him. It all started in sec. 2 when Mr.P was there for me to cheer me up. Unlike my parents, he made me feel good, smart and appreciated. That meant a lot to me. But I have not developped feelings for him yet. I haven't seen him in sec 3 at all. But he never left my mind. I searched for him everywhere, as the second father I always wanted. I mean, he is perfect! Optimistic, smart, mature, kind and generous. At the time, I also had to deal with my father who abused me. I felt like I needed him even more. Once sec, 4 came, I found him. Eversince, I kept seing him everyday after school. I slowly developped feelings for Mr. P. He's the best teacher I ever had. He likes me, and I like him. He "likes" me because he finds me smart and strong. I feel the same for him, but I want more.
chinaforever chinaforever
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Your way to young to be thinking those thoughts about your teachers. Their is boys your age you should be interested in. Don't hate me cause I'm telling you this. I'm just being friendly. He is a man and I wouldn't want to see you hurt.