My First Love...

...Was a teacher. I was infatuated with him, but I definitely loved him too, and really I still kinda do.

He was 27 and I was 13. He was a band director, and for some reason when my class "graduated" from junior high to high school, he moved up to high school as well. So I had him as a teacher from age 12 to 18.

He was so witty; even the moms liked him for that. I'm sure he knew I liked him. I flirted with him a lot, especially in junior high, and I remember at least once he jokingly called me "woman" like "woman, you need to get over here". I loved that. I actually slapped him on the face once in junior high, I don't even remember why. He let me get away with it. I also wrote him an inappropriate email (don't remember the contents, just remember thinking "I shouldn't have said that"), which he smartly ignored. I know in high school, he also commented on my boobs once at a fundraiser.

He got married when I was maybe a sophomore in high school. I went to his wedding, was friends with his wife, and when they had a baby not long after, I babysat for them. I used to fantasize that he would come home alone for some reason while I was there babysitting. Sadly, it never happened.

What really came out of all of this is that he's the one I will always compare other men to. Of course all new guys get weighed against previous ones, but your first love always sticks in your mind.
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I can't say my 7th grade English teacher was my first love, but her was definitely close. I felt like he was the only one who really noticed me back then and every time he would call on me to answer something I'd blush or giggle. I absolutely loved his class. That is about the time I started finding older guys attractive and also started being attracted to intelligence