In Love With The Librian

Alls i know is that i have had a crush on this ladie for 4-5 years. Im 19 and Jami is 39. Nothing has ever gone on between us, but she has been there for me on ther account that my family hasnt. my family smoked,still smokes meth. I would go to the library and talk to her about it. Its obvious it wouldnt happen. She was married last year and just gotta a divorce. She lied to me and said she had this disney princess life when really i think shes a lil bit of a coke addict and a swinger, and thats why her husband divorced her. So i sent her a few facebook posts about what a **** she was being and she got mad. so mad that i come back to the first day of school and she has a restraining order on me. I honestly knew she wanted to just be my friend from the start and i possibly have ruined everything between me and her. I honestly think i could of made things work out if my anger didnt get in the way. i know shes not that mad as the restraining order is 30 days. The question im asking myself here guys is, what do i do when the 30 days are up. go up to her and tell her im sorry. or wait for her to confront me down the road>? i cant get her off my mind as usual.
Charliewromick Charliewromick
18-21, M
Sep 6, 2012