Call It Love?

.. Well im a freshman in highschool and like EVERY GIRL , they get crushes. And yea i have a few. Honestly. Im not boy crazy or anything but everytime i see "him" i get fanatic. Idk. Hes not your averge jock or the hottest boy in school. He's just a nerd, who has all the high classes, he joins clubs, he's active, he plays piano. I just call that perfect. And dont ask me how i know this.. Lol. But theres something about him i just cant pin down. Yeah he's a nerd but! He's handsome in my opinion, he doesnt bloat about his cleverness , or about his GPA, he's not cocky , but quiet and has this innocence to him that i find so DANM ATTRACTIVE, and he's tall. But.. The sad thing is he's a senior.. And im just a freshman, who barely knows anything about highschool yet. I dont talk to him because i know he has better expectations in a girl, and he's about to start college and thier will be other plenty of beautiful girls out there. But then.. I think , why not talk to him, he's about to leave forever anyway? Im very smart actually, i love music and singing just like him, and i believe i am pretty as any other girl he would definetly go for, but i am a different race from him.. And it scares me, because i really wanna talk to him , but my shyness overcomes me ALL THE TIME. And im a different race from him( im asian and he's russian) , so what if he doesnt like me by that.. He doesnt look like the one to judge.. And i see him hang out with a few of his asian friends but .. Still. I've been having a long crush on him, not a serious one .. But one where at times i think of him, and how i think we would be perfect. But then.. I stop because i know maybe he will never go for a girl like me ):, i just really need some advice, because how cant i get over him?
Ilovemusic2468 Ilovemusic2468
13-15, F
Dec 1, 2012