A Funny Online Chating Encounter

This is about a online chating that i heard from one friend of mine, may be fictional

Boy: asl plz
Boy: r u there
Boy: hay r u busy?

Girl: hey sorry
Boy: age?

Girl: 24 (She is actually 42 with two teenage kid)
Boy: m 25 (He is actually 15)

Girl: nice so whts up

Boy: m from Canada.. n u? (actually from USA)
girl: f from USA

Boy: u look sexy on yr avatar..
Girl: thanx

Boy: m sure u look hot in real also.
Boy: do u have boyfriend?

Girl: thanx and no bf
Boy: ohh i don't have gf too..
Girl: why not?
Boy: i don't meet someone interesting
Girl: me too no one

Boy: do u be my chat gf?
Girl: lol ok
Girl: do you hv ne pics

Boy: yes...

Girl: let me see
Boy: ok

Boy: do u see me?
Girl: no
Boy: its on my display sweety
Boy: put yr on display ..

Boy: got it?
Boy: r u there sweety?
Girl: yes

Boy: may i see yr pic..
Girl: i dont hv ne sorry
Boy: so do u be my chat gf?

Boy: hay say something..
Girl: sorry i m at work
Girl: gotta go to work .

why she disconnected?
She Saw her 15 year old son pic on display...

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5 Responses Jun 30, 2010

Lmao to funny that woman should not did dat


OMG OMG OMG - sooo funny!

great :))) ... however, it is internet ... the big fake

BAHAHHAA funny as and im guessing humilating for the mother especially.lol