Part Two: An Online Love Is Coming, Wait... Came True.

Oh! be still my heart but it has happened. M finally arrived here for a 19-day visit. It wasn't the most romantic of settings that first meeting - in the lobby of his hotel. But when he rounded that corner and our eyes met, all doubt and nerves left me. The man online was here in front of me in the flesh. And as the days rolled by, I discovered that everything about him was real too.

We spent 2 incredible weekends in Thailand, not just exploring Bangkok and Pattaya but also each other and this growing relationship. And falling more and more deeply in love. I'm deliriously happy when I'm with him. And I know he is too. M shares so much of himself, generous in his feelings, thoughts, expressions and love. He brings out a side of me none have seen, gently encouraging my inner selves to the light. And we can talk about everything, anything... spending hours in deep conversation, cocooning, just being. Nothing is taboo but is open to frank and honest discussions. And yes, the sex is... frankly... amazing!

I like that he's a few years older and is steady, focused, disciplined. He looks out for not just our mutual pleasures but also with a clear eye on our future together, building strong foundations with family, work and life. He makes me want to be a better person, to help him, us achieve these goals.

I've found my love, the man in my imagination who for the longest time only existed in the erotica and romance novels I've read. M is real.

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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Thanks guys! Its been a long time coming.

It reminds me of the 10 days I had in Japan with someone special....may the fires keep on burning...