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I had been on for a while, i just like to see what kind of e-mails i get, talk to them as friends.... you know.. its nice to think people actually want you.... my outlook changed when one certain girl e-mailed me.. KacyMae... I read the profile and we started to talk... the next thing i knew, i was driving to West Virgina to meet her.... Idk how it happened, or even why, but.. without thought i was like Yes i will drive to you....Her family was so welcoming.... and she... was amazing... I admire her first of all for all the pain she has endured and over come... her strength gives me alot of hope in life... Second, she is beautiful.... and, she don't know it... but it is very much true.... Those couple days were amazing... unfortunatly, i didn't know i was in love... so.. when i came home.. i started fooling around... talking to a girl i had liked in high school.. nothing had happened yet, but... i visited her and her girlfriend..... ended up making an amazing connection with the girl friend.... and, practiacally forgot kacy... The next time i went down... i ended up leaving to see the other girl.... and.. that ended kacy and i.... it wasn't until i was played by the high school crush, and... things went a little sour between me and the other girlfriend, i relized how much i missed her..... Then, just last night, after months of not talking, i got a text message, and we talked all night... Apperantly, the boy she is with don't appriciate her the way she deserves, they fight non-stop, and her life is once again falling apart.. I feel awful... and, unfortunatly have no clue what i should do... I fell for Kacy, and i know that now.. and..i want to make her life better, and attempt to see if this internet relationship could be something more, But... as you all know.. Sam and I have a bit of a thing going on, and... i love her too... i'm stuck between 2 beautiful women.... both that love me, and both that i want to make happy.....

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Loving someone doesn't mean that you need to be with her. For now, why don't you wait

Its becoming easier.. i hope.... just sucks that the one i think is for real, is still with another man.... :( o well... if its ment to be her heart will fall into my hands soon.. i hope

My pleasure, hope you feel better.

thank you for the kind words and advice.. i know.. i probably worded my story wrong in a few places, but.. i catch your drift.. thank you

I totally understands how you feel. It wasn't your fault. Most people do-not realized what they had until they lost it. Love is a thing that you really can't control, I totally get it. But the thing is, when you say that both that you would want to make them happy, does that mean you loves them both? Or just wanting to make them happy? 'Cos those are different things. If responsibilities and pitiful were left, I suggest you just give up on both since it won't be working out for much longer anyways.<br />
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If you really love both of them... I could only say that you loves yourself the most. You don't love any of them, because loving someone gives you the feeling of "need", and you just knows it. The answer of who's the more important one is already in front of you, all you have to do now is to try and get this straight. Really, I can't say much 'cos Idk both of the girls, nor do I know you. But from what I know, you just have to go with the feelings... <br />
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Ok, let's drop the topic of : Out of those two, who deserves happiness. And move to a new topic which is: Out of those two, who do I love the most, and who I needed the most? <br />
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Who can't you live without?<br />
Tell them both ahead of time, that you need some time of to sort things out. (But don't mention about the true reasons) Then you wait. The first person, out of those two that you contacts, because you misses her, then that would be the person that you cannot live without.<br />
^ I think that's a very simple one, if you would like to do more, and something more detailed, please do so. As long as the plan doesn't hurt anybody, I guess it's really fine to test how you feels.<br />
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Love and like is very different. There are times when you think you like her, but ending up, you like "likes" her. There are also many kinds of like, some "likes" are very close to love, but there are still quite some distance from the word "love".<br />
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Just some little advices, hope those help :)!