We met in a chatroom.We chatted in a chatroom for about 6 months and exchanged e mail addys.We talked by email for over 2 more months.I went over 100 miles to meet her at a chat party.  two weeks later she drove some 60+ miles to pick me up for a weekend. Well I never really went home after that.

We were married june 1 2007.

I took a chance and it was the best decision of my life.

UPDATE: Divorce will be final feb 2013.
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sorry that the romance didn't........last..

Hahaha. Very poignant Update.

So very happy to hear that.... hoping mine has a similar happy ending, although we already have almost a year invested without meeting... the distance is a lot farther though....

Happened to me too. Been married 14 wonderful years. We have 3 awesome sons. Life is good.

wonderful !!!

Magical!!!! I hope it happens to me too....fate has a way of reuniting those who are really meant from the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a wonderful life ahead of you two...

That's amazing.... :)