Chasing Love

The love of my life is impossible to get. My parents completely disagree with our relationship, and it kills me. I love him so much, I feel like he's the one. I sound crazy every time I explain this to people, but it's true. My parents are the only thing keeping us apart. Our relationship is hanging by a thread and my parents are inches away from ripping us apart. I've had so many things taken away from me because of them, I can't take anymore heartbreak. Everyone hates me but him. He loves me, and that's more than I could ever ask for. I've never felt loved before, but he's changed that. He's shown me what love really feels like, he's shown me what happiness feels like, and I can't thank him enough. If only my parents would understand that.

There's just one problem, and that's what separates our relationship from other people's. It's the one thing that keeps us apart. It's the reason my parents hate "us". It's why I can't relate to anyone else and no one can relate to me. I can't talk to anyone about this because no one understands. I hope I find someone one day who has gone through this.

I met him online. I try to explain this to people, they think I'm crazy because of how young we are and how we met. I don't blame them. Maybe I am crazy..

Please let someone understand. Please let me meet someone who has gone through this, so I have someone to talk to. Am I so pathetic that I found the love of my life online? Is my life really that sad? Will anyone understand?
rednikox rednikox
Sep 11, 2011