When Does The Countdown Begin To Come Home?

I fell in love with someone I've never met which is something I swore I would never do. She was born & raised across the Atlantic from me and had her visa in hand when we met. She should of been here months ago, but her health won't allow it. I'm trying not to give details because it's a very unique story and want to protect our. identities. She received gross negligence medically and will suffer the rest of her life with it. The courts decision ruled in her favor 100%, but that means nothing to us. All she really wanted was to have the stupid *** fired and to get back to life. Now it's been 11 months and counting since we became a couple and we still need to meet and have our 1st firsts. I miss her so bad. She's still receiving treatments that her life depends on to survive all this. Days & weeks sometimes go by before we can talk on line, depending on her health. She died more than once and they had to bring her back. She said she could remember a moment when she could decide to pass over or stay and she said she stayed for me. I miss her so bad. I have never felt this before. Sometimes it's so hard to go through everything that has happened, and yet the second we talk I'm feeling the over whelming head over heels in love feeling again. Don't misunderstand, when it's tough, I would give her my last breath for her to be ok. Although she's not here yet, we call her coming here as "coming home". Please say a prayer for her..........
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1 Response Nov 16, 2011

Hope it has worked out. Lord have mercy on her soul and heal her body