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I met him on xbox live in like 2009 or so, or late '08. We talked every now and then, and I always had a crush on him but I thought, "oh please, it's on xbox live. That's silly." also, he's quite younger than I am. I disregarded it, and would flirt every time we talked but it stopped there.
Then, some years later (the end of September) we start talking a lot again. There's an obvious connection between us, we continue to talk and become extremely close. Skyping every day with each other, and talking almost every day on xbox live. I had completely fallen for this boy.
I then decided I wanted to be near him, the town I lived in was a dead end, I had no job, no friends that lived there anymore. Nothing. I took a HUGE risk. I moved from Michigan to North Dakota just to be with him. I knew some of his friends on xbox, but otherwise I knew no on in real life. It all just fell into place though, I got a job before I even moved, and a cheap but amazing apartment.
The week I moved we made plans to meet each other, we were going to a move and Chinese along with his friends. Words cannot describe how nervous I felt. I drove up to the Chinese restaurant and waited, thinking, "what the **** am I doing?!". I saw him and his friends pull up and he got out of the vehicle. My heart skipped, my stomach flipped and all that ****. I couldn't believe it was him. I was looking AT him. We met up outside, and it was incredibly awkward but yet not that bad at the same time. We didn't talk a whole lot that evening but we ended up going driving for about two hours that night alone together. Once we were alone it was much easier, and we were very comfortable around each other. He said that he wanted to hug me so bad, so I asked him"why don't you?". That was it. Done. The second we hugged each other it was like I had known him my entire life. We both fell for each other that instant. We pretty much couldn't keep off of each other. Nothing sexual, just a lot of cuddling and hugging each other. Taking it all in. It was better than I could have EVER possibly dreamed of. We see each other every weekend, sometimes more, and he stays at my apartment a lot. I've never felt so comfortable around someone before. It doesn't feel like I met him on xbox live either, also his friends are my friends as well. Thinking back, I can't believe how bad this could have turned out, and the possibility of it turning out so good was like such a small chance. It worked out amazingly though, and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes you really do just have to jump and do something crazy.

---Update as of 3.4.13
Thought I'd post an update since this was awhile ago. I'm happy to report we are indeed still together! We live together, and have a great relationship, easily the best relationship I have ever been in. We are very good together and super happy. The only down side is...some of the newness has worn off and I miss the days of being in parties together, or waiting for him to get online. There was a sort of...novelty to it. But even still I'm so happy, and I love him to pieces. 
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(LONG RAMBLING AHEAD) I met my boyfriend in September 2014 when the game Destiny came out. I was on facebook looking for a group to do my first ever raid with and he was one of the guys wanting to help me. I didnt notice him at first because there was group after group trying to help me with the raid. I started noticing him when he used his super abalites just so he can glow in he dark and lead the way for me in dark caves. I messaged him saying he was really good at raids and he was a good leader and i wanted to be with him when he raids or anything. I didnt have a mic for a month then i ran to walmart and picked me up one. This was his first time hearing me. Its been a few years since i had a mic and i didnt know it was on and started burping. He told me he was struggling to not laugh and he was very nervous. Once we started talking, we couldnt stop. After a few months we shared emails, facebook, xbox chats, because we couldn't stop talking to each other. We clicked. I was 20 at the time and he was 21. He lives in Mexico and I live in Texas. Then i found out he was with his girlfriend and i backed off for abit. A week later he broke up with her. I was happy but still nervous. We roleplayed alot mainly with Destiny and through that both of us admitted our feelings towards each other. A week before christmas 2014, we started dating and it was sooo awesome. We started seeing each other through face time. I was so happy with him. We chatted every single day and we missed each other the week we couldn't talk to each other. He became my clan leader after he created a clan just for me to play with people when he cant. I was the reason why he creathed a clan and became the leader. About four months into the relationship, in April 2015. i noticed something was off. He was nervous and sad. One day while i was at college about to go to work there and getting ready for classes, we messaged each other like normal then he told me the truth. He was moving in wih his ex and they were back together. I cried my eyes out, i was so depressed i tried to go to work and for the first time had to leave work and school for that day. I could focus that day at all. For 2-3 horrible months i felt like i got shot in the heart and the bleeding never stopped. I realized how much i loved him. Then i insanely tried to just be his friend again after i got the rarest weapon in the game and told everyone on my xbox list. His friends were still my friends and they told him i got the weapon. He messaged me and said congrats and i invited him to a party we talked awkwardly and i asked him to be my friend he said yes. He begin telling me for 2 months how miserable and horrible he was with his ex. He sold his xbox 360 for the one after i got mine so we could play together still and chat. In June 2015, i left him one day during a party after hearing him call her his love. He realized i still was hurting. He told me he was Moving out in a week because he was depressed and this was finally going to end it with her forever. ( she was also apperantly, putting anti-freeze in his drinks) We still roleplayed abit and i saw that he still liked me but kept his distance. I finally asked him a week after his birthday wether or not he still liked me. He said yes, im sorry i still do. He thougth i was mad at him. When i told him i still loved him deeply and forgave him. He got quite. He called his family saying he was moving out now instead of a week and he wanted them to help him move now. He apolgized for months and months. I decided to take him back. I was nervous, uncertain, not sure wether to trust him again. After we talkedanout what happened. He said he went back to her to see if she was going to be his future wife. Once he saw that she was not at all what he wanted and she was emotianlly abusing him ( and poisioning him) he wanted to finally get rid of any ties between them and he did. She knew we were still talking but she got blindsided by him leaving and she knew he left her for a girl he met on xbox. He did say once he moved back to his house in a week like he planned, he was toing to eventually attempt to see if me and him still had a chance. Now Feb 2016, we are still together, she is gone for good and mad at me and him hehe. His mom knows about me along with the rest of the family. He is staying by my side. My parents do not yet but most of my family does. We talk about marriage, kids, moving out after a year or two after we actually meet. We are both madly in love. He is currently back in college and i am about to start working in my career. This man has my heart in his hands and his in mine. I changed his life he tells me so much. He changed mine forever. I hope we really do become boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time once we meet, get married and have kids. Neither of us has ever felt this way and has seen a future with someone. <3
Our story had a big bump in it but we managed to get back together and we are staying together. We still talk to each other everysingle day. Wish us luck for our future. Destiny is about to have a Valentines event for couples and friends so thats our valenties day hehe. <3

I love this story, it's honestly amazing how some things fall into place. I've been talking to this guy for about.. Four- in a-half almost five years now.. And I start to feel this warmth bloom when I'm with him but I get so scared because I truly have never been in a relationship, I have, but not serious ones. I'm 19, and met him when I was about 14/15 and we've talked ever since. I have a whole friend group with this guy and we all plan on meeting this summer.. I'm honestly terrified he won't think I'm.. Well what he expects me to look like. We're all friends on Facebook and I can't say I "love" him just quite yet.

I meant my true love on xbox live also. I was playing some halo with a friend from Xbox and he put me into a party with some of his friend and little did I know a member of that party was gonna be my soulmate. The whole party decided we were gonna play gow2, this was back in late 08 and everyone ended up getting off after a few hours but me and him. We just talked for hours and I knew then that he was who I was supposed to be with. He lived in Georgia and I lived in California. After talking all the time and video calling and just playing together nov 09 he asked me to be his. So he saved all his money and moved from ga to ca in April 2010. Keep in mind I was 16 and he was 18 so this was a huge thing for someone just starting out. We lived together and have been happy ever since. In 2011 we got married and we are still together and plan on being together forever. In 2012 we ended up moving to ga, which I wasn't happy about at first but we both have really great jobs so that's a plus. It's amazing to hear other people have similar stories. Everyone I tell around is either like wow that's crazy or that's awesome. We still game all the time together :)

I loved reading your story. It's made me feel better, knowing I'm not the only one whose "fallen in love" on XBL. How are you two doing if you don't mind me asking?

I played a lot of COD a couple years ago. It was my nighttime therapy after a long day. I met a guy one night, this was around June. He was incredible. Nothing like the guys I've met in real life. He'd make me burst out laughing like no one before. We'd poke fun at each other and have a good time. Before long, our games would venture deep into the late night and we'd talk about everything from childhood stories to religion to likes/dislikes until the early morning. We'd spill everything to each other and we basically knew our life stories.
I realized after about three weeks of daily gameplay, that I was kinda falling for this guy. I laughed at myself because obviously it was Xbox Live. Who falls for someone on Xbox Live right? It's weird and embarrassing cause you never know who you meet online. But I knew this guy wasn't a creep. Never asked me weird questions that made me uncomfortable.
But I fell for him, hard I should say. I looked forward to spending the night online with him everyday because he made me happy. The only thing was that he already had a girlfriend. I didn't think much about it. Its not like we were gunna get together anyway. But one random day, in the peak of our summer fun, I checked online and realized he wasn't on my friends list anymore. He'd deleted me. I fought so hard not to cry over someone I'd never met or seen.
It's been two years since and to be completely honest, he still haunts my mind every now and then. I'd think about if we actually met in person, I wouldn't give a damn what he looked like because I was already in love with his true self, his personality.
I haven't contacted back ever since. I guess I'm just glad we met cause he proved to me that you really can fall for someone and their bare and honest personality without having the effects of physicality.

Jesus, I'm so sorry. That had to be really tough, I can empathize.

So, this guy and I are no longer together. We split up about 6 months ago, though we grew farther apart before that. I regret absolutely nothing about moving to him and being with him. I learned a lot and he was one of the best guys I've been with.

Currently I'm starting a new adventure. I met a guy on Twitch, and we're meeting up soon. I don't care if it's weird, I can't meet any guys that like the things I do up in the north. It's all hunting and fishing and sports bullshit. So I meet people a different way. I think I might have literally met my other half. Which I do NOT believe in soul mates but this guy challenges that very thought. So we'll see.

Me and this girl started playing Xbox together about 3 years ago. She lives in west Virginia and I live in Tennessee. Now we've started texting, talking on the phone, and skyping all the time. We Skype every night until we fall asleep. I've fallen in love with this girl. we both tell each other that we love each other. I'm going later this month to see her and to stay up there for a few days. She starts college this year at UT which is only like 45 minutes away from me. We have plans to date then and She'll be spending the weekends at my house :) oh and I'm 21 and she's about to be 18

i met someone nearly a year ago on xbox and we lived a few hours away and we used to talk all the time but i was closer with his friend, only the past few months we have started to talk every day and text and call each other, now we only live an hour away and we told each other how much we like each other but I'm scared he won't like me when we meet up now we live so close, and I'm really falling for him.

i recantly met a girl on xbox and after a while i started to like her and then she said she loved me...and so i said i loved her to... im 13 and shes 14

and i dont know wat to do

Me and this boy became soul mates just recentley on Xbox Live. He is two years older than me but that's alright I guess. I wish we could meet and so does he but we live overseas. I'm in England and He is in Virgina. He is sooo sweet and my everything, I do love him...alot ♥ x

I don't want to be a downer but love is something that takes time. You say you just recently met him, so please be careful using the word love and don't even get me started on soul mates. Just don't go heart first okay? Long distance is a relationship killer, and him being overseas is even worse. I know the feels are strong, but please just step back, enjoy talking to him and not rush things.

I'm 14. I have liked an older boy on Xbox for almost a year, we're best friends. We have a lot in common, I got to meet him in person in February, and he gave me an incredible hug. I still like him, and though I wouldn't say I'm in love with him, he's always on my mind. I love him as a friend, that's for sure. He's pretty awesome. I adore your story, and I understand the feeling you have about the being in parties and waiting for that someone to get online. The anticipation, and the feeling of joy when they do is authentic.

Update 3.16.14
I can't update the post itself, but we are still together. It's gotten even better honestly. However I have now moved away for work. We are away from each other again, and it's awful. I miss him so much. Relationship wise we are doing fantastic though.

I fell in love with a guy too over Xbox and we've been friends for almost 4 years now and he told me he loved me but at that time I was dating and then 3 months later, I told him i liked him and he said it was too late :c he said the feelings went away but still kinda liked me. Then I started to fall in love with him. Its been a year now that i've been in love with him and i havent told him how I really feel about him. I'm afraid he's going to turn me down e.e we text every single day all day and all night til one of us fall asleep and stuffs. Skyped only twice and video kinect once. Skyped only twice cause i'm shy to talk to him and when I talk to him i feel nervous. We talked about meeting up one day but ye... Oh i forgot to mention, he's from Los Angeles and I'm from San Francisco. Im 16 turning 17 next month yay lol and he's 18 but ye. I don't know how to tell him I love him xc

I'd first calm down. You're young, and there's no way you can go back and forth between oh I love them, no I don't. That's not love, love takes a lot of time to grow. You can like someone a hell of a lot, and care about them deeply of course. Just take it slow, don't jump head first. If this guy were to honestly love you then there would be no "it's too late". If it's meant to happen it will.

I Met A Guy Named Nick on xbox, and i really really like him! we met like a few weeks ago.. what should i do?

You shouldn't do anything honestly, just talk and hang out for now. If it's meant to be anything more than it will be. Don't over think things, because it's easy to get crushes online. Just go with the flow even though you're heart may be freaking out, it never hurts to take it slow.

Thanks. BTW, hes just like me, He has asthma, anixety, everything like me, prob. is hes 13, im 11. I love him like seriously i do :p

You're 11? I truly mean this in the best way possible but you do not know what love is. I know you feel like you do but you cannot have that type of emotions. You can be strongly, very strongly into someone and care for them but love is something that comes with time and age. I thought I loved many boys when I was younger and it wasn't love it was just crushes. Just be careful too, you may feel like you can take care of yourself and you know what you're doing but just think about things first. You're more than half as old as I am, and just now am I realizing what love truly is.

This is cool and gives me sooo much hope! I'm falling in love with this guy I;m talking to on xbox live. He is everything I've always wanted, though not a perfect human, he is perfect for me. I get this feeling I've never felt with any one. He plans to come meet me during the summer. Oh, forgot to mention I'm from Iowa. I thought it was crazy too! I've talked to this guy for a little over a year now and he just feels like the one. Can't wait to meet him! Your story gives me hope! :)

Any update?

I thought I was the only one out there. I've met a guy through xbox and we kind of fell hard for each other. I've told my friends about it but their understanding of it all is coming to an end the more serious I talk about it. It'll be a year before we'll be able to meet (I'm in Ireland, he's in Pennsylvania) and I'm scared that year will be too long. :/ I'm 21 and he's 19 and I hope that this will stick and work out once we met. It would be nice to get some support from other people in my position. Am I being silly in waiting for him? My friends think I'm wasting my last year in college.

People just don't understand at all that you're talking to this person a lot. That is is VERY serious sometimes. They just see it as silly. Somehow dating online on websites has a better connotation than xbox live, personally I see dating websites as desperate. At least on xbox you're just hanging out and happen to find someone. Anyway, you are far from alone. You're not silly either. I would wait but don't be afraid if things do change. A year is and isn't a long time. Just wait it out, live every day at a time and maybe you'll be able to meet. Sometimes thought people truly aren't who they say, so please do be careful. I hope it works out =)

Thank you so much! :D It's so nice getting insight from a person who understands. I agree with you on dating websites and I think, in general, people are going to have to get used to others meeting over mediums like Xbox as technology develops more.

This makes me want to meet the Person I like on Xbox . They're so amazing. I know them on Facebook we talk all the time when we get the chance because of the 3 hour difference , I've known them for about 1-2 years . He's my best
Friend . And I'm his best friend . I really like him I just don't wanna tell him i don't want it to be awkward . I really want to meet him though . He lives in California. Which is 3000 miles away from me -.- ... He's 14, and I'm 15. It sucks . I'm happy for you though ! That's super amazing that you two met and now are together . I love that . I hope your relationship lasts forever too. It's so un real to meet someone you really like and see them for the first time it must be an amazing feeling.

Well, personally I say you should wait awhile. If you can still be talking when you are 17 or so, then totally go for it. Fourteen and 15 is very young to be talking about meeting up honestly, trust me I've been there and as much as you think you're ready for it you're not. I was your age when the whole internet thing really exploded and I've had many, many internet/xbox crushes. People are really different offline though...even my boyfriend is pretty different. Good luck though seriously, I've had some amazing friendships on xbox.

I really do understand the age now. It is young and how they are different offline. Hopefully I'm still friends with them until then ! , thanks for the help :)

Keep me posted if you guys talk by the way. I'd love it for you guys to meet, my guy and I knew each other for quite some time before we met. So it def can happen.

Something similar to this is happening to me right now. I met this girl on X-Box a while ago, and we played a little bit, and then we stopped for a while, but I kept her on my friends list. Then one day a couple of months later, I get this message from her, saying basically, "Are you people on my friends list really my friends? I treat you all really nice, but you treat me like ****." I invited her to my party to try to cheer her up and the like. I found out that her mic was - and still is - broken, so she couldn't actually 'talk' to me, but she could still hear me. We started playing a whole lot together, and we basically became best friends. One day while we were playing Minecraft together she sent me a message saying, "A lot of my friends see me in parties with you, and they ask if you like me as more than a friend. Do you?" I said yes, and she said she liked me a lot too, and then it became official. Now we're almost always playing together, or at least in the same party. I've actually started to read a book to her over X-Box Live! I'd always heard of those stories of people falling in love over X-Box Live, but I never thought I'd be one of them.

Blackhawk, I wish you luck however have you two even spoke to each other? It sounds like you only talk to her and she just writes messages. I would honestly say people can't be together over xbox live only.
My boyfriend and I skyped a ton, texted, phone calls all of that. Even after all of that we never became a couple until I moved here and had been here for awhile.
I wish you luck though.

Well, this was REALLY recent. Like, in the past month kind of recent. I've asked her if she had any way we could talk to each other outside of X-Box, and when she said, "No," I told her she should probably get Skype. And yes, I have actually talked to her. Her mic wasn't always broken.

Hey, just wanted to check in. You two still talking?

Ok, I COMPLETELY forgot about this website until just now. But yes we do still talk, and have actually got something we use to communicate outside of X-Box now. Sorry for taking so long to reply.

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Go for it! I've been with him now for almost a year and it's going wonderfully. Our relationship is even stronger and we spend so much time together. I can't believe how awesome it was meeting him and now how we are now. It feels like I have known him for ages.

This inspires me so much!! I met a guy on Xbox live about a year ago. We were constantly on the phone & Skyped each other every single day like even falling asleep together ovr Skype and the phone. We became best friends even tho he lives in Indiana and I in California. I've never connected with a person as much as I connected I did with him. I love him so much and even tho it's long distance out friendship has survived a lot of complicated situations. We're both in college so it's hard to try and make any major moves but sometimes if feels like I can't stand to away frm him another second. We both want Ro be together but were trying to be logical about the situation. I'm not sure if we will be able to live near each other in the future but I'd do anything for him. We're planning to meet for the first time in march so I hope all goes well.

Very inspiring! I'm about to move to Los Angeles and do the same thing you did! I hope my story turns out to be a happy one. Good luck with your future together!

I have a feeling it isn't going to become any better any time soon. Sounds like you found a guy that is addicted to gaming. I've seen it happen many times throughout my life. I was absorbed as well at one time in my life. As long as he is addicted to gaming you are going to be second option at best. Good luck, I wish you the best. As far as your chronic headaches goes, it could be due to your spine being out of alignment. If this is the case, improving your posture should help a bit.

???? How did you possibly get that he is addicted to gaming? The only possible thing I mentioned is we met on xbox live. You really confuse me with how you think something is wrong here by this story. It's a positive story. I also don't get chronic headaches anymore either...I'm not sure where any of this is coming from.

I guess I got confused. It wasn't from this story but from your profile, I got the impression that he was busy gaming and that you were sitting bored. It is great that you don't get chronic headaches anymore. I guess my comment was a bit out of place. If he is a responsible gamer, more power to him. I just know from experience that it takes a good amount of dedication to excel at gaming and that usually comes at a cost. I wish you the best either way. You moved for him and I hope he remembers that and treasures you more than the gaming.

Well, to be fair we're both pretty addicted to gaming =P but I mean we dont ignore each other. This is just how we hang out usually, each plays their own game, but I have nothing I want to play so I was just on the computer. It was more just bitching to ***** =P it wasn't bad. I am having fun, just annoyed a little you know?

Whats his gamertag? Was just wondering, not gonna stalk him or anything.

Uh, yeah. I'm not going to tell you his gt. There is no reason you need to know it.

did he have a good kill/death ratio ;)

He's honestly one of the best gamers I have encountered. He's good at almost anything he tries, even Dark Souls he didn't have a hard time with.