Distance Means Nothing To Me

The question I get asked the most is "How can you love someone you never even met?" Seriously my only reply is to **** off. 

I have known him for 4 years, we have a bit of a rough history. Still haven't met him but I can't wait to, may be nervous but I guess it's normal. 

Were both 17, he's a month older and lives about 3-4 hours away. 

We text most nights and skype (with cams -- he is who he says he is). 

I hate it when people say that it's impossible to fall for someone on the internet. Well believe the impossible to be possible. 

I guess I resorted to long distance relationships, I prefer it that way for really complicated reasons though I really prefer to live nearer. 

We argue sometimes and I hate it when we do but we always make up. Though he was once at least 5 miles away, but during time we were in middle of an argument. Though I think I might have saw him but I could never be sure though. 

But yea, I find this a bit of an insecurity when I tell people this, it's like saying "I can only get a boyfriend online because no boys find me attractive in my area". I've had a boyfriend in my area but it might sound snobbish, but no boy in my area is good enough for me. I'm not picky, I just want a boyfriend who bathes, doesn't wear trackies 24/7 and talk in a chav like way (previous boyfriend bathed and wasn't a chav!) Not saying every boy is like that, just those who aren't are already taken. 
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Well it is good that you are planing to see him and you are not going alone. I think your parents are just scared and worried / to be honest I would be too if I was your mum/. What if you get your mum to talk to him before you meet? Could it be possible? Your parents wouldn`t worry too much after a good chat with him. For future don`t worry about distance. If it should last, it will last and you will find a way! :)

Thanks but my parents aren't very willing to talk to someone I never met. They keep asking 'are you sure he's 17? How are you sure? He could be a *********.' etc...
They wouldn't mind if they actually saw he is 17 but then he would need to stay for a few days and my parents won't allow that. I think it's the media that go on about how children put themselves at risk when chatting online. I wouldn't have minded if I was 8 and they'd be worried, but I'm 17 almost 18 and they will not let me go and see him. So that's why I'm going to say that I'm sleeping at my friends house for weekend and go and see him.

Would your parents accept him to come to see you if you would meet at a public place?I know such trip is horrible when one travels for hours and can stay only for a couple of ours, but maybe its worth it if it could bring your parents on your side. You could have it both easier.Next time perhaps they could allow him to stay for a weekend.

Do what is in your heart and don`t listen to the silly questions people around asks. Its your life. I met my boyfriend online and we are planing to marry now. And I was listening to the same questions like you do now. Of course everyone should be careful cause the person on the other side can say whatever and tell lies.

Well like I said, known each other since we were 13, so I'm sure he is who he says he is. So life without him is pretty much an empty one. Just unfortunate for us that we haven't met yet -- such as it's too expensive, too busy etc.. I asked my parents if he could stay for a few days, they said no. His parents would, but my parents also said no. I can only come up to him and I'm taking a risk to go up and see him sometime in August but not alone, with a friend. So hopefully I'll see him before I even turn 18.

I'd be more worried if the two of you never had a fight, that'd be unnatural.<br />
I also have trouble wrapping my mind around those words. "How could you love someone you never met?" Well, technically, you have met. You just haven't physically been in front of each other, but you've met.<br />
<br />
It's a big world, there's no reason a person must meet people who live in their area, especially these days.<br />
<br />
I personally wish you the best of luck.

Well I also get asked "Even if you do meet, how can you see each other everyday?" -- it's mostly a certain friend asking. She keeps bothering me about it. She also tells me I talk about him too much when it's her who brings him up. And another thing, one of my other friends have a long distance relationship and she doesn't bother her about it at all! Maybe because they have met and seen each other at least once a month. But ours is different. He lives 4 hours away, her boyfriend lives about 1 hour away. I've had friends who've had boyfriends long distance and they don't get bothered about it. I just find it unfair on me for people to say we're not meant to. I've known him a lot longer then they've known their own boyfriends. But yea thanks for the comment, though I'm not sure if it was actually him I saw. I guess I'll never know.