The One

First, I never knew this story will ever happened in my life. I like the way he is. He's like heaven sent from above. He thought me a lot things. And it makes him special in his way. But, there's no one in this world is perfect. : ) Even though it's like that..i still loves him like i loves him yesterday, still, tomorow, now and forever. Thanks for being there with me.
Corenny Corenny
2 Responses May 8, 2012

When you find real love hold on tight . For it is the best thing in life for sure good luck


i am the same way. growing up i was upsest with the love stories never thought i would become one. it means everything to me that i am now that lve story i read when i was younger. i love my husband like no other he is my world my life my everything're so lucky :)

i like to think so =)