How I Met Someone Online

I thought that he was special when we first met we went out on dates and had a nice time and everything change he kept calling and asking were was i at what was i was doing and who was with he always thought i was lieing about everything and anything it made me kind of sad on the inside i never said anything until know his dad hates me cause i have kids and that is awful everytime his family here's something about me he kind of belive them ova me . I just don't know and gets worster he threaten me he recoreds me doing stuff and say if i leave he will but it on the computer and destory my life he don't think about my kids or nothing i really need help if there anyone please help me i am cryin for it
Darklovely69 Darklovely69
2 Responses May 9, 2012

you shouldnt be with such a person for the sake of your children and your security. also, its causing you unnecessary stress. this effect your children as they are growing up.

Wow get away from him before things get worst . Good luck some people just are so unhappy they drag everyone down . This sounds like him . Protect your kids and your self