I Was The Mystery Girl Of His Dreams

So back a couple of months ago i created a fake facebook account. this account was to talk politics. i am naturally a very shy person and i thought hiding behind a different face will give me the courage to say anything that i want. i wanted to friend everyone and i was having too much creating a story for this girl.
so this man, carlos, messaged me in this profile and we quickly started exchanging ideas and beliefs and i absolutely loved talking to him. it was so harmless in the beginning. he liked me very quickly, but i kept pushing him away. he said he had been searching for a woman like me for so long and loved everything about me (except for the fact that the physical parts werent me) but strangely, he never mentioned how beautiful "she" was, ever.
but 3 months into talking to this person who was once a stranger i got too caught up and felt very strongly about him. he was amazing. he said he felt strong feelings for "me"
well, i fell in love with him and i felt sick to my stomach that he had no idea who i was. i lost my appetite, i didnt want to talk to anyone but him. i just wanted to hear his voice and know that he was there.
i couldnt take it that day so i confessed EVERYTHING!
he was extremely calm about the whole thing but i know its definitely not the same. i want this man in my life but i know its not going to happen. im confused and so upset. i dont think he really wants to talk to me ever again. he never said that. i guess i should just give this some time. but deep down i know its all gone. all he said is that he felt disillusioned. i feel like i should stop talking to him and leave him alone forever but i dont want to. and i dont know if he wants me too. but he probably will never trust me ever again. i guess i just have to give up now.
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I'm sorry :(<br />
You'll be ok.