I Will Never Forget Her!

I met and fell in love with the most amazing person here on EP by the name of GradSchoolG. She was perfect in every way. We totally "got" each other, had the same humour, and even our educational backgrounds were the same, in a very, very niche and unusual area. She also wanted me in the same way as I wanted her. We communicated everyday and the more we talked the more we liked each other. We also shared the same groups/interests which is always a great common ground. Anyway, after 5 days of serious and intense communication, her account was deleted. Her husband must have discovered her secret "online affair" with an Irish woman on EP and terminated it. Lucky for me I copied our “secret” communications/messages the night before which just happened a few hours before her account was deleted. I still read our conversation everyday and laugh and can't help wonder "What if?"

In short, we met, talked about everything here on EP, fell in love and then she disappeared all in the space of 5 days. I miss my friend very much and think about her often. I will never ever forget her. Why does life have to be so cruel.
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Do you still think of her?

Sorry I had to log on to my laptop to respond to this question as I cannot reply on my iPad for some reason the option doesn't appear anywhere :(

So to answer your question, yes sometimes I do think of her. I actually thought of her today on my way to work and wondered where she was and what she was doing as it is coming up to almost a year now......but as for loving her, no, not anymore. You're the only woman in my life honey.

Tell me about her, please...

Sure, but not here. I'd prefer to do it via message.

ok that's cool

You've got mail

Ok thx

Please just ask anything you want to know about her and I will tell you...I don't want there to be any secrets between us, honey.

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Hope she comes back good luck

Me too! Thank you x