A Journey Of A Lifetime

Our love story may be quite the same with the other love stories we’ve known in our lives. The searching, the finding, the knowing each other and the decision making are common processes of love stories that exist.

How we met? 


“Love may take long but it will take you to where you really belong. No need to hurry because our heart knows when it’s finally home.”


As a girl, just by clicking the "SHOW INTEREST" button gives me a lot of courage to do. I set aside all my fears of rejection.

Here comes the next move....sending him a message....it is quite hard to start a conversation but being true to yourself will lead you all the way. But sometimes even after you've gone exchanging mails still you can't hold on to that sometimes you were left out saying nothing. I’ve been on the site for almost 4 years. Had chatted for few men, but never tried to meet one. Learning, trusting people takes time.
Knowing, loving someone on the internet takes even longer. 

Destiny is truly unpredictable that no one could even foretell. Things just happened the way we never expect them to and the way that God has planned. I didn’t expect him to come. And he arrived when I stopped looking for Mr. Right.

We added each other on every single social/chat sites. We talk almost every single day trying to get to know each other better.

After a few days…yes!!! FEW DAYS we confess to each other about our feelings and get together from then.

It is totally magical.
It just so happened to be one another.


A journey of love despite distance.

For me, He is a light in the midst of darkness and pains. And for him  I am his found happiness. And it all started when he responded positively when he read my blogs about my stories of pains and struggles in the process of healing and in search of peace.

We were too old for long courtships. We both knew exactly what we wanted.

It began by being persistent on knowing each other, sharing stories and desires in life. We both have found solace and confidence that we are meant for each other. We found ourselves falling in love with each other, and that we have lots in common.

While the time passes by we learned to overcome the distance between us, the temptation of hugging and kissing on camera ,the trust we have for each other, to be patient at all times, all this things makes us stronger and looking forward for the first meet up.

Finally the day came, I was waiting for him outside. The feeling when I saw him can’t be explained. I cried through my heart with joy and it confirms everything.

The first time that we set our eyes on each other both of us were very shy and excited. We hugged each other. It seemed like we've known each other for a very long time. All my worries and fear of rejection had washed away when he first kissed me. In him, I could feel the love I am looking for.  We kept on looking at each other while on our way unable to say a word with fleeting glances and rushing heart beats.

Every day is special day for us. We maximized our time together since he will just stay here for a month. From then on, it confirms everything that the love that we felt online didn’t change and it’s for real.  Days happens to be so fast our relationship grows deeper until we decided to got engaged and  immediately prepare all necessary documents needed to get married.

We tied the knot in a very simple ceremony. Both me and Bry is now very happy with our new life as husband and wife. We are very much in love with each other and promised to stay together for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

This is truly...A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

We are each other’s answered prayers.

Now, as were embracing the new chapter of our life, may our God pour us His unending blessings and support. May we continue to feel the first day of our meeting, the first experience we have been with and the first taste of hope to live life together.

Love, love, love more to life!!





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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Beautifully written, gives encouragement. Best wishes on your marriage!

Such an amazing story ! And so perfect to every smalles detail ! ♥ Encourages to belive that love and meeting someone online and beeing happy is actually possible.<br />
Wish you even more luck than you have in your life with your beloved one ! ♥

Beautiful . Hold on to all you have .. bless